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2000-2002: BSc HONS Chemistry (Pharmaceutical) 2:1 at DeMontfort University Leicester.

Currently Studying:

Japanese Language (Circa Feb 2012)

Korean Language (Circa Jan 2013)

Current Work:

April 2015 – Current

UX Designer and Axure Prototyper at Pty.pe

Working on end to end projects through the full UX cycle.

Requirements (Goals &User Stories)
Competition (Research & Analysis)
User Research (Personas, Scenarios & Journey Map)
Content (Analysis & Mapping)
Structure (Information Architecture, Sitemap & Flow Diagrams)
Interaction Design (Prototypes & Wireframes)
User Testing (Validation & Analysis)
Completion (Visual Design, Documentation & Specs, Front End Development)

Main software used: Axure, InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop
Additional skills: HTML, CSS, JQuery, Javascript, Responsive Design

January 2013 – Current

Freelance Consultant/Developer

I am a fully independent consultant helping businesses grow online all over the world.

Please see ‘Kidsonworks’ for details.

Previous Work Experience:

December 2009 – October 2014

UK Operations Manager for Createyourtemplate and Widshop

http://www.createyourtemplate.co.uk and http://www.widshop.com

Responsible for project planning, eBay design/website implementation and coding. Key responsibilities:

  • Customer Account Management
  • Running UK business and office
  • Acquiring new business and contracts
  • Business development
  • HTML/CSS/ASP.net based web design and eBay specific design
  • Internet marketing/SEO
  • Networking/Building relationships with partners
  • Design planning and concept management
  • e-Business support and advice
  • Developing new solutions for store systems
  • Marketplace/Third party integration into client business

January 2009 – December 2009

Technical Assistant at ASWAS.com

During my time with ASWAS I coded and integrated eBay designs and store systems, as well as dealing with clients. Duties included:

  • Rewriting client selling policies
  • eBay store and template coding and integration
  • Inventory management
  • Webstore coding and integration
  • Client support

October 2008 – December 2009

Technical Manager at UKSportswarehouse

Responsible for all retail operations for UKSportswarehouse, from their retail website to their eBay shop and wholesale site. In this role I have improved their customer service, back end processes and developed two functional e-commerce websites.

Duties include:

  • Customer service
  • Human resources
  • Accounts/PAYE/Employee contracts
  • Business development
  • HTML/CSS/ASP.net based web design
  • Internet marketing/SEO
  • Product sourcing and verifying suppliers
  • Managing suppliers/payments/debt management
  • Social Media Optimisation
  • Health and safety/Fire safety/Building regulations

December 2007- October 2014

UK Operations Manager at Createyourtemplate.com

My responsibility in this role is to raise awareness in the UK market using various online marketing techniques and undertaking ebay design project management for our UK based clients. This role includes conversion of the sale from lead and following through to the completion of the project advising the client on the functionality and structure best for their product type.
At createyourtemplate we don’t just design your eBay shop, we give you a unique face on eBay. We add in the relevant functionality for your product type, improving the shopping experience. We look at the marketing aspects of your design, to help maximise customer conversions. We provide business strategic advice, support and training on our designs as we want to supply a functional base for your product to increase sales. Plus our designs are cracking!

December 2007 – Current

Keirotech – eBay and E-Business Management

Functional technology and marketing for real businesses.
Services Include:
– Inventory Management
– Full eBay/E-commerce Management
– eBay training and Consultancy
– Online Marketing
– Design and Website Project Management
– Search Engine Optimisation
– Business Blogging
– eBay Automation Tool Implementation
– E-commerce Implementation, Advice and Strategy

January 2008 – December 2008

Learning and Development Administrator/ICT Project Manager for Edmund Nuttall

I am currently managing the second stage development of an on-line review system as well as aiding in the development of new training materials. I am the first line support for the business providing comprehensive user guides and IT system support to all staff.

I am also designing and project managing a desktop based assessment system for potential NVQ candidates using the key skills/functional skills frameworks.

June 2005- December 2007

E-commerce Consultant at Frooition May 2007 – December 2007

In my second position within Frooition I was responsible for managing and implementing search engine optimisation and affiliate techniques for Frooition customers. I was also part of the Managed service team which collectively sells on-line on behalf of larger corporate clients. This role includes:
-Data handling
-Managing customer relationships from the buyer all the way up to senior management within the client company
-Managing online marketplace listing strategy
-Implementing search and marketing techniques to an E-commerce Website
-Managing stock control and invoicing for the client
-Managing customer relationships on behalf of the client.
-Strategic sales analysis and reporting.

Account Manager at Frooition June 2005-May 2007

I was responsible for the implementation and training of small and medium businesses on a web based online auction management system provided by ChannelAdvisor. I followed a 30 day implementation period method consisting of on site training with follow up phone and email support. After this time frame the clients go live on a variety of online marketplaces including eBay, Amazon and various shopping comparison feeds. In this job role I also deal with managed service corporate clients where I ran their online business which included reporting, inventory management and customer service. I also provided data for accounting purposes. Every client has a different specification around a main framework which is agreed at the sales stage, so I have experience of a wide variety of clients and online business set ups. I also use online CRM software which co-ordinates support and sales aspects of the clients individual needs. I am also a certified eBay consultant.

The skills I obtained in the role include:

  • Conducting strategic meetings with company managers, employees and CEO’s.
  • Providing online business management advice as well as advice on business procedures, accounts management and shipping.
  • Various Internet Marketing techniques such as site mapping, affiliate schemes, link exchanges, keyword optimization and site specific advertisement.
  • Business Blogging and Blogging Software (external tool integration and code editing)

February 2005-April 2005

Information Scientist, for the Network Management Team. Severn Trent Water, Tettenhall. I worked with pressure management data, for the extensive network of water distribution lines within the west area. Taking information from dossiers, out of date systems and electronic schematics to identify the data needed to bring the west area information in-line with the east area database format.

June 2003- December 2004

Working as a Technical Scientist for Genzyme Haverhill, on the Sevelamer Carbonate Team. The team was running large scale synthesis through the manufacturing pilot plant, and carrying out in-process analysis that involved using set validated tests to evaluate the suitability of the product for use in clinical trials. My main duties were process development, process analysis and running small independent studies to optimise the process. I have worked to GMP and had experience of TGA-MS, particle sizing, moisture analysis, polymer synthesis on a small and larger scale as well as plant operation.

December 2002 to May 2003

Information Scientist for the Database Management Team, GlaxoSmithKline, Harlow. The team constructed a database of reactions and conditions from previous work done at various sites. The work involved Isis Draw and various company databases.

June 2001 to November 2002

Educational Partnerships, Marketing and UK Recruitment Support and Computer Sciences and Engineering Admissions at DeMontfort University Leicester.

I worked within the University for a year mainly in promotion and recruitment. This included participating in many Government projects such as AIM HIGHER and making opportunities conferences aimed at schools and colleges with low university attendance. I was also a student advisor for the clearing period for the university as a whole and the computer sciences and engineering faculty, in which I was also an admissions assistant. My main duties as an admissions assistant included processing UCAS forms, making decisions on potential students, admissions interviews, open days and faculty staff training for open days and student events. The job also involved giving course advice to home and international students.

October 2001-June 2002

Key Skills mentor for Information Technology, Leicester College. My main duties where to introduce and train drama and arts students (16-18) in basic IT skills using the following packages: MS WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT and ACCESS.

December 1996-September 2000

Pharmacy Assistant and Technician for Vantage Chemists Wall Heath.

My main duties were to provide over the counter assistance, advice and supporting the pharmacist on duty with filling prescriptions for local residence and care homes.

Personal contact:


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