Amazon Fulfillment Warehouse & Profit Sourcery Test

On the way to my Amazon fulfillment centre tour I picked up my Nike Swoosh Wristbands from the previous post Profit Sourcery Make better purchasing decisions for Amazon.

A little fiddling with the pricing and verifying information to sell on Amazon I have now listed these:

Nike Swoosh Wristband – ONESIZE, University Blue/White

Now, I decided to use an EXISTING listing and not edit any of the details at all, even if they were missing. I am not listing as a consultant, I am listing as a normal person just starting out on Amazon. You normally start using catalogue data (for better or for worse….)


I did start this out at 13 but it seems that under my ‘individual’ selling account I can’t do free shipping so the price is 9.24 plus 4.48 shipping.

So lets calculate….

Price: 13.72
Amazon Fee: 3.37
Real Shipping Cost: 0.95
Packaging: 0.10 (well free because I already have packaging)
Item Cost: 3.99
Profit: 5.31

Gross Margin of 38.70% & Mark Up of 63.14% IF it sells of course. That is always the waiting game. Hmm…plenty of margin here so I am going to drop it a penny!!

On the flip side had a great time at the Amazon FC BHX, such a big and CLEAN warehouse. The tech is fab too! Next available dates are March 2016 for the tour so book now, it’s so popular!!

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