Battling the Beast – Can it be that simple?

I was reminded today of how Google Bots really work. They are not human, and they can only see what we want them to see!

Top tips from a European Expert:

1. Make sure you change the meta title of each page according to that pages content and don’t make it to long and fluffy! Google likes relevant content. We know this but sometimes we forget!
2. Check out : and check your keyword density. Apparently Google will allow up to a 12% density on a particular keyword before you get killed for spam! Hairfreax has all its keywords at below 3% density. Phew….You can over SEO!
3. Google Reads h1 tags and likes them! Again with the relevance, apparently it checks the h1 tags with respect to the meta data.
4. One I always miss – tags for your images. I probably do it for 50% of the time but I have conditioned myself to make sure its done!
5. Make sure your meta description is dynamic, keyword rich and make sense to your customers. I think the meta description for hairfreax of ‘Synthetic Hair Extensions and Falls since 2000’ seriously needs some work! Its so poop google by passes it and used the page text!

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