Social media and crazy named shopping days…

I have been looking at my shopping habits over the past three months and it seems that facebook is controlling me like a puppet.

This weeks psycho ‘shopping’ analysis:

  • Shared an eBay item with my facebook friends inciting a frenzy and sell out within minutes
  • A friend shared a recent eBay win and now I WANT one and I am stalking the search term to get a good deal
  • Bought some tree decorations from John Lewis (I don’t have a tree…) because a friend shared them on my wall
  • Asked if I should buy a tablet for work, and now pretty convinced about a Google Nexus 10 when they come back in stock

I feel I am not alone, so lets look at some stats about shopping over the Black Cyber 4 day weekend provided by Clever Girls Collective:

  • 88% of Black Friday/Cyber Monday shoppers said they were influenced by vouchers,deals and ideas offered by brands on social media
  • 93.3% bought something because a blogger recommended it
  • 79% of those surveyed shop on Cyber Monday
  • 67% will shop online, but they do both

These are statistics from social media savvy women but there are tons of cool info graphics about these two intense days of holiday shopping.

Recently I have also created a Kimono Freecycle hub on facebook so that those in the kimono community can freecycle items that are not good enough to sell on or they are just sick of tripping over. I have also sold a few more things through a facebook group.

Facebook, stahp controlling my life!

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