Cassini, eBay & the back button of death!

We love silly named updates. We have the Android Kitkat update and we have had Google Panda. eBay felt left out so we have the…

CASSINI update

They decided to completely re-write the search functionality to suit buyers needs. The development uses all the data available to eBay to meet the immediate needs of the shopper. This makes the buying experience better, and helps us sell more.

But enough of that, what do we need to watch for?

Four major factors will drive eBay search going forward, Relevance, Value, Trust & Convenience. M’kay?

The back button of death

eBay are now weighing listings on the impressions they receive, as well as how well they do on holding the buyers attention and if the deal is closed. You need to make sure buyers click on YOUR listings in search results and then your listing holds their attention to close the deal.

Lets look at this process:

1. Buyer shops for “Maxi Dress’ – if you sell maxi dresses this needs to be in your TITLE.

2. Then they will move onto filters to find the size, style, colour and brand. This information is pulled from your ATTRIBUTES/ITEM SPECIFICS and eBay specified ones at that. Unspecified is -1 Cassini point (please note you don’t really get negative points, or any points it is just easier to think this way….well I don’t THINK you get points…)

3. They click on YOUR listing for a black size 8 maxi dress.

4. Your listing is SO fantastic with all the info clear that they buy from you. <–INSERT EBAY DESIGN HERE

One Cassini point achieved. You can now move onto the next level.

5. If hit they BACK button on their browser, you suck.

Don’t give them a reason to hit back!

Good luck!

If you want to read a really good post on Cassini go here:


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