Setting aside time for personal professional development..

Now I am returning to freelance it gives me a unique opportunity to focus on my personal and professional development. An hour a day will be dedicated to learning Japanese and Korean.

I have been learning Japanese for busy people in business since February and I realise I need more dedicated time if I am going to achieve my goal of fluency in 4 years.

So even though I shall try to cap my working hours in the week and not work weekends too much (being a freelancer means you can easily clock up a 60 hour work week without realising) I shall reserve this time to learn and improve.

I am not just interested in language, but also business in Japan and South Korea.

I will probably try to learn the basic’s of polite Mandarin/Cantonese conversation with respects to business also but taking on two languages is enough for now.

みんな がんばって!

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