Things to remember when you design your e-commerce store

On the item detail:

1. Easy display of shipping costs for the item

2. Explanation of options and where to enter them if you have not got a drop down system.

3. Order delivery/processing times clearly displayed with the item

4. Display of accepted payment methods on the item in the form of an image

5. Clear, precise image – show all colour options if available and practical

On the site as additional pages:

1. Clearly state your terms and conditions including returns and replacement. Use laymen’s terms .

2. Describe in detail the shipping options and prices

3. Contact details, including an email form

4. External Links page for affiliates and shop directory back links

5. Size/Options chart if needed

6. Build and FAQ’s section from customer questions

Site Structure

1. Three clicks to products, use category sub tree’s

2. Search functionality


1. Write keyword rich titles

2. Include the titles in the URLs/HTML header if possible

3. Submit inventory to Google base, its free so why not!

4. Identify 10 core keywords for your site/products and try to use them as often as possible in the correct context. No random keyword spamming!

You can do so much more but these are the simple basics to setting up an e-commerce store. Remember your customer over your SEO techniques. Accessibility is everything!

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