E-commerce Tarot – What can marketplace sellers expect in 2015?

The third in the series of What is in store for marketplace sellers in 2015!

So the question today is:

‘What can sellers expect in 2015?’

My gut feeling is 2015 will be bigger than ever, but the policies tighter for marketplace sellers and the cost of doing business that little bit higher!

I have been a part of the e-commerce landscape for 14 years, and it just keeps growing. I don’t think it will stop. But what I DO think is ‘other people & organisations’ will try to take a bigger slice of sellers money.

The UK/EU government/s will start 2015 as it means to go on, by making sure you can’t sell electronic goods with out paying VAT on every penny by lowering the threshold to well….zero. If this is successful the cynic in me can see it rolled out to all ‘online purchases’ – the EU is broke….it wants our money. It wants it NOW.

eBay will also need more money, so sellers will see fee’s rise in 2015 to cover the losses caused by bad management and infrastructure at eBay.

But lets see if the cards are just as pessimistic about the drain on sellers finances!

Back to the Druid Craft Deck bought on eBay:


The Issue – Four of Cups *Reversed

It seems sellers need to be wary of staying in a relationship that should end in 2015, however there will be new opportunities for sellers to take hold of. The fear of security is there though. With the recent hacking of eBay, a lot of sellers are concerned moving forward.

Action to Avoid – The Lady *Reversed

Sellers need to avoid the blockages that prevent success. This might well pertain to VAT issues, ending that relationship that is holding you back or making that decision to unlock your potential.

Action to Take – Queen of Pentacles *Reversed

Obsessive materialism! This is what we like to hear. LOTS of people buying YOUR items. Get ready for the rush!


In 2015 sellers need to shed their dead weight. Anything that is costing you too much, not making you money/saving time you need to ditch. There is massive opportunity ahead in 2015, the year of obsessive materialism commences. We have already seen the signs in the sales this Christmas.

So what to expect? BIG THINGS & BIG MONEY! You just have to take those opportunities, make sure of your return on investment STOP wasting money. Check who you are working with, consultants, experts, third party providers, financial services…are THEY making you money or solving your problems? Has the relationship broken down but you are too ‘busy’ to end it? STOP BEING A NINNY.

*Please remember this is just for fun, insight and a way to get myself blogging again after a poor show this year. Tweet your questions to @Kidsontalks – It’s free!

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Things change in e-commerce, and thus we change with it!

I am all about change! Back in 2013 I struck out as a freelance consultant and reduced my involvement with createyourtemplate. After 7 years working with CYT in the design space I am now moving on completely.

The eBay design landscape has dramatically changed in the last 18 months, business needs have changed and I have been working on some great projects.

So what have I been doing?

I became an official partner with Channeladvisor earlier this year and have helped some of their customers get to grips with the software as well as grow their business internationally.

I have been helping more traditional wholesale & retail businesses move into online retail, using marketplaces and integrated technology.

I have been helping online business expand into new markets & open new sales channels. Some of the figures have been amazing, I have seen growth from 50% – 300% on the previous year.

I have been supporting and training clients on the tech they need to grow & streamline their businesses.

I have been working and developing with Magento & M2ePro – and want to start delving into API work.

And most of all I have been having a great time watching clients grow and succeed.

Want me to help you? Let me know!

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If you enable best offer on eBay, use it PROPERLY!

My new obsession is photographaphy. I have cobbled together a mid range DSLR camera from older models & used stuff on eBay.

I bought my Lumix G1 on best offer. I went in low, seller countered…I accepted. It is how it goes.

So, on shopping around for a lens I saw a great one at a good price on best offer. Went in sensible….nothing. In fact nothing for over 24hrs. So I messaged to see if they were going to accept or reject my offer, counter offer etc? Did they need me to poke them? Already I was NOT feeling this seller. Lenses are expensive items.

They did get back to me and said:

We can’t accept your offer.

The offer is still in my account, not rejected so I replied with this:

In order to get the best out of eBay’s best offer functionality you are supposed to counter offer to the buyer for consideration. If you are not going to use this properly, don’t use the functionality and disable it from your listings. It doesn’t create a good experience for the buyer as they then are hanging around NOT buying your items. You can set up automated accept/reject rules.

What the seller didn’t realise is that I would have bought this item at the full asking price. Best offer suggests they will take LESS so I always use it. I would have accepted a counter offer, even if it was £2 cheaper!

But what does this tell me about this seller?

1. They don’t know how to use the eBay functions they enable. What ELSE don’t they know about? Do they understand distance selling regulations? My right to return or dispute? How to package up an item safely?

2. They ignore customers. Which means I will have to wait the full length for refunds, questions and for a high value item this just stinks of ‘pain in the ass’.

They were a local seller so I was going to buy more accessories from them, maybe visit their shop. However, their first impression SUCKED so I won’t be buying from them. They have competitors.

See how easy it is to lose a customer?

Right, still want that lens….lets find another seller!

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MagentoGo has only 8 months left! AGGGH!

Oh yes, eBay have announced they are removing pro-stores & MagentoGo in Feb 2015. This is a major headache for so many businesses!

But no fear, help is here!

People that can help you migrate to Magento CE:

1. Me

Yes, I can set up your OWN Magento system plus plugins like M2ePro for marketplace integration. I can also look into moving your MagentoGo design too.


2. Understandinge

Understandinge.com gives you the tools to do it yourself if you are so inclined to try.

3. Bigcommerce

Bigcommerce is eBay’s chosen partner for transferring your existing STORE to Bigcommerce. Bear in mind there is no marketplace integration unless you are something like Channeladvisor.

Give me a shout if you need help!

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What the FRICK is a multichannel system?

This is the birth of a new series explaining what the hell a multichannel system is, why you need it and why “I want a website, I sell on eBay & Amazon and want to smush everything together” opens up a can of whoop-ass on your world.


Here is how our story starts:

In the beginning….you sold on eBay, then you thought Amazon would be cool too. Now you want a website.

So before I design you the best website in the world we need some do organisation and planning to future proof this set up for obvious world domination.


Multiflannel what?

Multi-CHANNEL systems are consolidated inventory and sales order processing systems that link to marketplaces such as eBay & Amazon. The really cool ones can link to an ecommerce website system as well as cope with international localisation and multiple languages. Hence the world domination.

Again please?

Lets break it down to what you need:

1. One inventory system to control stock quantities across your website, eBay & Amazon.

2. One sales order processing system so you do ONE invoice run to cover sales from eBay, Amazon & your website.

3. One time creation of your product and launch it to eBay, Amazon & your website.

4. Ability to update stuff in bulk like pricing, details & inventory.

5. Do it all in French, German & Chinese and multiple currencies.

It is really hard to get your head around how a multichannel online business is set up unless you do it every day like I do.


In this series I will try to break it down so you have the basic tools to decide how your multichannel set up is going to look and how you achieve this.


Part 1 - To host or not to host, choosing between owning your system & subscribing

Part 2 – Standalone multichannel systems & what they do

Part 3 –  A multichannel system essentials shopping list

Part 4 – Choosing your webstore

Part 5 – Complete end to end solutions

Part 6 – Integration into a live business

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Need help with your eBay or Amazon Business? Self Serving Post!

Hey, we all have to work! I have been having exciting conversations with potential clients about their expansion plans and where I can help them and I can’t get enough of it!

I love e-commerce, eBay, Amazon and the new marketplaces that my clients are expanding into this year.

I have been part of the success of many wonderful e-commerce businesses in the past year and want to continue that buzz!

Let me work with you….

KidsonTalks - eBay, Amazon, Ecommerce Consultant

Name: Elizabeth Hitchins

Title: Freelance E-commerce Consultant and Developer

Phone: 07435 972407/01384 412958

Email: work@kidsontalks.com

Freelance e-commerce and marketplace consultant based in the UK, specialising in e-business management which includes e-commerce site management and marketplace management such as eBay and Amazon. Domestically and internationally.

Main services include:

  • Inventory management
  • Sales management
  • Pay per click management
  • Design contracting including eBay design
  • Search engine optimisation
  • eBay business management
  • Website content and maintenance
  • Web development
  • E-commerce implementation, advice and strategy
  • Third party tool implementation for multichannel trade
  • Project co-ordination and management (including design and solution development)
  • Recruitment and trade fairs
  • Project development
  • Event organisation and delivery
  • Business support and administration
  • E-commerce training online and in person

Over  12 years experience in the e-commerce industry working with SME and enterprise online retailers, in Europe and America. References and examples of work available on request. Rates quoted per hour, small and large projects considered. No minimum spend or contract length.

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