Search Engine OptimiZation and Miss Spelt Keywords?

Geddit? Ok, in the UK we spell it optimisation. How many times a day do you spell Google, with too many g’s or too many o’s? Or leave out the space when your in a rush? Common miss spelt keywords can be a SEO dream. Common keywords that don’t have as much competition but your target audience accidentally type into search engines.

Lets see what miss spelling are searched when you try to type ebay design:

ebay desigm,ebay desigb,enay design,evay design,ebay desihn,ebay desifn,ebay fesign,ebay sesign,ebay dedign,ebay deaign,ebsy design,ebay desogn,ebay desugn,ebau design,ebat design,ebay drsign,rbay design,ebay dwsign,wbay design,ebiy design,ebay desagn,ebay desibn,ebay desijn,ebay desidn,ebay gesign,ebay jesign,ebay besign,egay design,ejay design,eday design,ebay dezign,ebay desigg,ebay desiin,ebay dessgn,ebay deeign,ebay ddsign,ebay esign,ebayydesign,ebaa design,ebby design,eeay design,ebay designn,ebay desiggn,ebay desiign,ebay dessign,ebay deesign,ebay ddesign,ebayy design,ebaay design,ebbay design,eebay design,ebay desing,ebay desgin,ebay deisgn,ebay dseign,ebay edsign,ebayd esign,eba ydesign,ebya design,eaby design,beay design,ebay desig,ebay desin,ebay desgn,ebay deign,ebay dsign,ebay esign,ebaydesign,eba design,eby design,eay design,bay design

Wow! What numpties we are as a nation of searchers…..lets try cyber goth:

cyner goth,cyver goth,vyber goth,xyber goth,cyber gotj,cyber gotg,cyber hoth,cyber foth,cyber gpth,cyber gith,cuber goth,ctber goth,cyber goyh,cyber gorh,cybrr goth,cybwr goth,cyber both,cyber joth,cyber doth,cyger goth,cyjer goth,cyder goth,cyber gott,cyber gooh,cyber ggth,cyber oth,cyberrgoth,cybee goth,cybbr goth,cyyer goth,ccber goth,cyber gothh,cyber gotth,cyber gooth,cyber ggoth,cyberr goth,cybeer goth,cybber goth,cyyber goth,ccyber goth,cyber goht,cyber gtoh,cyber ogth,cyberg oth,cybe rgoth,cybre goth,cyebr goth,cbyer goth,ycber goth,cyber got,cyber goh,cyber gth,cyber oth,cybergoth,cybe goth,cybr goth,cyer goth,cber goth,yber goth

I found all these variations using the site to find typo’s on ebay!

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Is ebay getting all cute and funky?

They seem to have a playground!

eBay says:

We’re thrilled you’ve decided to check out the Playground. The Playground is a separate eBay site that allows us to experiment without changing the entire eBay site. Although a few features of regular eBay are not available on the Playground, bidding and buying are real. The main difference right now is how you find items. But, stay tuned–we may try out other new ideas on the Playground.
So, play around, have fun…tag you’re it!

eBay and Google seems to be a logger heads at the moment, Google cancelling their party at eBay live……eBay stopping their use of adwords for a week….

If you want more google v ebay news visit

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Re-cap on the best keyword ranking techniques…

1. Place your keyword in the HTML title

2. Mention your keyword in your site text and meta keywords/descripion

3. Create ‘linked text’ containing that keyword or use a tagging/tag cloud system like ultimate tag warrior for wordpress.

4. Use a system like ebay to promote you link ( blog or about me page) using your keyword as much as humanly possible, no spamming now, only use where appropriate.

5. Wait – Patience is everything, this is all free you know!

6. Sitemap with google and yahoo.

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Product Review – Terapeak eBay Market Research

Terapeak is an industry leading ebay researching tool that can break down the sales by keyword and tell you lots and lots of juicy information. Between $14.95 and $24.95 per month as an ebay consultancy this would provide the necessary information to guide and monitor clients.

Some example data:

Searching by the keyword: Hustler Lingerie

Total Sales: £297 Total Listings: 450 Successful Listings: 27
Total Bids: 42 Items Offered: 478 Items Sold: 28
Bids per Listing: 0.09 Sell-Through: 6.00% Sellers per Day: 4

It also tells me the highest price sold item was £24.50, and that Thursday between 10 and 11pm is the best time. So looking at the sell though rate of this item I would not waste by ebay fee’s trying to sell it!

The Industry Leader for eBay Research

Terapeak, an eBay Certified Provider, was founded in 2002 by brothers Anthony and Andrew Sukow while running their eBay Power Seller business. Terapeak then quick established itself as the industry leader for eBay Research by being the first to provide eBay seller, eBay category, eBay Motors P&A, and eBay international research.

Terapeak is also the only company to focus exclusively on eBay research. Terapeak places focus on education, innovation and the customer experience. Terapeak also boasts the largest customer base for eBay research and is the fastest growing eBay research company.

Rating 9/10 – I like it and it gives me the heads up fast. Also a great tool if you are thinking of starting an ebay channel for your business. You need to know your products sell well or the marketplace is not over saturated with your product or selling too low for you to make a profit!

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