Createyourtemplate and Tackle Discounts eBay Shop!

ebay search

Tacklediscounts is one of our more recent UK eBay shop launch, so lets have a look at the unique features of this design!

Search is a heavily used feature on eBay so we like to make sure you can get the best out of it. We added some filters for more accurate search for tackle discounts eBay store.

Attribute sorters to help your buyers find what they want quickly and efficiently as well as providing optical guidance for those just browsing. Choosing fishing equipment can be quite complex with many variables and customer are looking for very specific items and ranges.

This is the attribute sorter on the front of Tacklediscounts eBay shop!

ebay attribute sorters

ebay information for buyers

Information for buyers is paramount, they want to know certain things like:

  • How much is shipping?
  • When will I get my item?
  • How do I pay?

So we like to make sure we you give this information in various ways, and in popular optical locations on the screen, for example in the sidebar and header.

The header space of the design is great e-real estate, so if you have a great promotion or offer like free shipping like Tackle discounts, well it HAS to be at the top!

Trust is an important factor in any online business, especially eBay. eBay rewards its sellers using the powerseller programme which is being replaced/updated to Top Rated Seller status. Remind your customers of these achievements to increase buyer confidence.

Dynamically cross selling on eBay is essential to increase your buyers cart contents. As your buyers are most likely to find your listings primarily via eBay search, making sure they see the rest of your items is essential.

Below you can see Tacklediscounts up sells hand picked items under ‘you may also like’ as well as from the category and brand. This is located directly under the item description within the template design.

ebay upsell cross sell

Tacklediscounts has many other great features to boost sales and feature specific items, its best if you see the live store on eBay and check out their listings!

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Using your eBay retail space to feature product ranges!

At CYT we love to help you sell more and look gorgeous doing it. That is why we do what we do! For our eBay designs we create various product ‘featurettes’ for want of a better word so our clients can push various product lines, best sellers and offers.

Our feature boxes can be a static graphic or more snazzy with attribute drop downs or ‘pop ups’.

Lets take a look at BRANDS OUTLET:

A quick find feature box to guide buyers based on what gender they are shopping for.

Roll over popup functionality can also be added to feature boxes, UKSPORTSWAREHOUSE has a huge product matrix on the front of the eBay store with this nifty feature.

This kind of technology can be added on any feature box from static feature boxes to more dynamic up-selling sections.

Feature boxes can also be added to eBay templates to generate a ‘call to action’ so that your buyers are persuaded to browse and keep shopping with you!

TACKLEDISCOUNTS has some of these feature boxes at the base of their eBay template to keeps their buyers clicking around their shop.

This feature about carp fishing has links to the most popular categories. Dynamic searches or links to specific items can be built in here.

Along side this is a more general feature box for the all important (and eBay favourite)….clearance offers and deals!

Making sure you utilise your retail space on your store and template wisely is the right way to make the most of your eBay traffic.

Keep your customers browsing with your memorable branding on show and making sure they know exactly the range of products you offer in store.

Knowing your category personalities and purchase habits of your buyers is essential for knowing where to place these boxes.

So, at CYT we make sure we understand your business, your traffic and your customers to make sure we make the most of your design.

Each of our eBay design projects is just that, a PROJECT – carefully thought out graphical and structural design with marketing and conversion in mind. All designs are unique and we constantly develop new features to meet our client needs.

Come to Createyourtemplate for your eBay design, we make you beautiful – and we don’t mind if you pile on the pounds at Christmas, as well…that’s the idea!

We are an odd looking bunch so I doubt we would get on even if we went on a bikini diet!

Disclaimer: Since I have worked for CYT I have lost 5lbs on purpose.

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Unique eBay functionality from Createyourtemplate!

SK Games/Computer Shop, a top rated seller / sells PC, Playstation, XBox 360 and computer games for lots of other platforms. As a gamer, you tend to love your platform -so you only want to up sell to your customer more from their intended platform right?

Well, on the right hand side of the eBay template, in prime visual real estate is the ‘top ten’ – depending on what platform the game is for that your customer is viewing, the top ten changes to match the platform!

Lets see this in action, with Job island for the Wii, with their SK Computing design:

ebay design

and then Heavenly Sword, for the PS3:

ebay design

and then Prince of Persia for the the PC, with their SK Games design:

ebay store design

Disclaimer: this is how I feed myself and wrap up in gorgeous silk kimonos..

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Sportsprofi and the tale of the Converse Chucks Slider…

Sportsprofi on eBay are famous for their converse chucks, in fact they are Europe’s biggest seller of converse chucks, regardless of the vast amount of other items they sell.

So as they are just so important, we invented a little piece of fun and funky technology the ‘Chucks Slider’.

ebay footwear design

This feature is present on the eBay shop as well at at the base of the template for maximum exposure. You can use the slider to choose your side a price range and search their listings for your perfect pair of chucks.

Snazzy huh?

*disclaimer, this is how I makes the money…

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eBay Design Client becomes a Channeladvisor Case Study!

Dan from buyforlessonline is now a youtube star with Channeladvisors YouTube Channel:

Buy For Less Online are an online retailer of toys based in the Midlands near Birmingham. Managing Director, Dan Aston, considers ChannelAdvisor to be one of his most reliable employees, stating the system easily does the work of three or four people. During peak times such as Christmas, Buy For Less Online process around 3,000 orders per day and state they would not be able to do this without ChannelAdvisor.

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I am not dead…at least I think I’m not!

OK, I have not updated this blog in ages due to the fact of being really busy. This will change though as my main business/consultancy website will be updated finally with a blog attached.

I am going to post a few glorified self promotion blog articles in a moment as I am immersed in my business. As always I try to be fair and impartial but hey when you make money from this industry a bit of shameless self promotion is great. I will always add a disclaimer at the bottom of any shameless post – hey I might even create a category for it!

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