Fun with Shopify – the easiest e-commerce system in the WORLD

Well, I think it is! I had my first taste through the Hyundai Motorsport Shop but recently a client asked me for a quick set up using a template from the app store to re-launch his wholesale business. He wasn’t looking for a big spend to start but REALLY didn’t have the time to set everything up himself.

Wholesale (due to VAT) is a little trickier through Shopify but we got it down and launched this site and also sync’d with facebook (free app I might add) to add in some social shopping aspects.

Let me know if you want a quote for Shopify!

Shopify Shopping Cart Software – Start your FREE trial today!

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Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year again, a time for reflection, action and improvement.

This is where I can come in as a consultant. I have helped MANY businesses in the online space with their expansion, technology integration & design projects to great effect.

Get in touch and see how I can help you dominate 2015 🙂

Phone: 07435 972407/01384 414770


Freelance e-commerce and marketplace consultant based in the UK, specialising in e-business management which includes e-commerce site management and marketplace management such as eBay and Amazon. Domestically and internationally.

Main services include:

  • Inventory management
  • Sales management
  • Pay per click management
  • Design contracting including eBay design
  • Search engine optimisation
  • eBay business management
  • Website content and maintenance
  • Web development
  • E-commerce implementation, advice and strategy
  • Third party tool implementation for multichannel trade
  • Project co-ordination and management (including design and solution development)
  • Recruitment and trade fairs
  • Project development
  • Event organisation and delivery
  • Business support and administration
  • E-commerce training online and in person

Over  12 years experience in the e-commerce industry working with SME and enterprise online retailers, in Europe and America. References and examples of work available on request. Rates quoted per hour, small and large projects considered. No minimum spend or contract length.

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Disneyland Paris – And what your business can learn from their mistakes!

Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, or so it should be. I went for a 4 day trip to Disneyland Paris just before Christmas with a friend of mine who frequents the Florida Disney park every 2 years (ish).

Disneyland Paris has EVERYTHING it needs to become a great park. The rides are great, the park layout is good and well maintained as well as the detail is very much there. The park was DESIGNED to be fabulous, however the execution is lacking. Oh so lacking.

These are the main problems the park as a whole has that relate to the customer experience which I might add is EVERYTHING to a Disney park. You are supposed to be totally lost in the fantasy, it’s what you pay for. It’s what the kids want.

1. It’s not happy.

In fact, hardly any of the staff are happy and playing their role as ‘cast members’ at Disney. Most of the staff were reluctantly helpful or just plain rude. A few also complained and moaned in front of customers. We found TWO employees bar the staff dressed as ‘Characters’ who had any Disney spirit. Both loved the Florida parks and had bought back some of that sunshine in the way they worked.

2. It’s a French park for French people.

It used to be called ‘Euro Disney’ but maybe the name was changed as there is nothing European about it. It is a French park with a splattering of English and sometimes a weird mix of French and English as though at some point they tried then gave up. The car show was the best translated of all, but lets look at the example of the haunted house.

The haunted house story is supposed to be scary. However it is in French and only french – this means I had NO IDEA what was going on, neither did any other language speakers. This means despite the marvelous decor, the ride was lost on me. I can’t speak French.

It is a slow ride, so translation could be provided to make is scary for English, German, Italian & Spanish visitors as LEAST.

Quite a few workers spoke broken English – which is fine for me, but a family from Bahrain were VERY confused as they couldn’t find anyone to speak English and tell them what was going on. In fact my friend and I had to do a bit of that work for them on the Aerosmith ride (which is fabulous).

3. We couldn’t eat.

The food was horrendous in the parks. We tried to escape the pizza and burgers but it seems we should have just kept to the Disney Village where food was concerned. They kept trying to push you to expensive buffets, so we tried one to our dismay. All notion of hospitality was thrown out of the window and the food was horrid and a little stale at the end of the day.

The BBQ we had in Frontier-land was OK.  The hotel breakfast was bad pastries and bread. Bit of ham too if you were lucky.

4. Visible construction.

Parks need maintenance, but in Disney Florida it is done AFTER hours in the parks and any ‘scaffolding or workings’ are hidden by a themed facade as not to break the experience. We could totally see what was broken or being restored in Paris.

Disneyland Paris is rumoured not to be doing that well. I can see why!

So how can this relate to your online business?

Well, buying is a shopping EXPERIENCE. Just like Disney it is all about the experience. Think of giving your customer what they want by offering choice, be HAPPY when they contact you & don’t alienate foreign language speakers. The world is a big place, they are ALL your customers.

Happy New Year!


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Things change in e-commerce, and thus we change with it!

I am all about change! Back in 2013 I struck out as a freelance consultant and reduced my involvement with createyourtemplate. After 7 years working with CYT in the design space I am now moving on completely.

The eBay design landscape has dramatically changed in the last 18 months, business needs have changed and I have been working on some great projects.

So what have I been doing?

I became an official partner with Channeladvisor earlier this year and have helped some of their customers get to grips with the software as well as grow their business internationally.

I have been helping more traditional wholesale & retail businesses move into online retail, using marketplaces and integrated technology.

I have been helping online business expand into new markets & open new sales channels. Some of the figures have been amazing, I have seen growth from 50% – 300% on the previous year.

I have been supporting and training clients on the tech they need to grow & streamline their businesses.

I have been working and developing with Magento & M2ePro – and want to start delving into API work.

And most of all I have been having a great time watching clients grow and succeed.

Want me to help you? Let me know!

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MagentoGo has only 8 months left! AGGGH!

Oh yes, eBay have announced they are removing pro-stores & MagentoGo in Feb 2015. This is a major headache for so many businesses!

But no fear, help is here!

People that can help you migrate to Magento CE:

1. Me

Yes, I can set up your OWN Magento system plus plugins like M2ePro for marketplace integration. I can also look into moving your MagentoGo design too.

2. Understandinge gives you the tools to do it yourself if you are so inclined to try.

3. Bigcommerce

Bigcommerce is eBay’s chosen partner for transferring your existing STORE to Bigcommerce. Bear in mind there is no marketplace integration unless you are something like Channeladvisor.

Give me a shout if you need help!

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What the FRICK is a multichannel system?

This is the birth of a new series explaining what the hell a multichannel system is, why you need it and why “I want a website, I sell on eBay & Amazon and want to smush everything together” opens up a can of whoop-ass on your world.


Here is how our story starts:

In the beginning….you sold on eBay, then you thought Amazon would be cool too. Now you want a website.

So before I design you the best website in the world we need some do organisation and planning to future proof this set up for obvious world domination.


Multiflannel what?

Multi-CHANNEL systems are consolidated inventory and sales order processing systems that link to marketplaces such as eBay & Amazon. The really cool ones can link to an ecommerce website system as well as cope with international localisation and multiple languages. Hence the world domination.

Again please?

Lets break it down to what you need:

1. One inventory system to control stock quantities across your website, eBay & Amazon.

2. One sales order processing system so you do ONE invoice run to cover sales from eBay, Amazon & your website.

3. One time creation of your product and launch it to eBay, Amazon & your website.

4. Ability to update stuff in bulk like pricing, details & inventory.

5. Do it all in French, German & Chinese and multiple currencies.

It is really hard to get your head around how a multichannel online business is set up unless you do it every day like I do.


In this series I will try to break it down so you have the basic tools to decide how your multichannel set up is going to look and how you achieve this.


Part 1 - To host or not to host, choosing between owning your system & subscribing

Part 2 – Standalone multichannel systems & what they do

Part 3 –  A multichannel system essentials shopping list

Part 4 – Choosing your webstore

Part 5 – Complete end to end solutions

Part 6 – Integration into a live business

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