Help my sales are down and its CHRISTMAS DAMMIT!

This is a post in response to Dan’s post on Tamebay Help! My sales are down 5 things to consider. I won’t cover his ground but I will cover some other observations:

Product Titles

On eBay, Amazon and in your own webstore the TITLE of your product is responsible for SO many things; from telling your customer what they are looking at to making sure they FIND you in the first place. When I search for something I normally use two words and this thought process:

“attribute + item name = search results”

If the search results are over 100 items I look at the titles of the first few items and redefine. This is where I get my ideas from when I am searching.

“attribute 1 + attribute 2 + item name = better search results”

But what are attributes?

A common but not exclusive list of attributes:

– Size
– Colour
– Brand
– Purpose
– Gender

Purpose for example is ‘rugby or football’ or an exact model/make of a car etc.

Things I look out for but don’t normally search for in titles include item condition statements. I also look for other sizing or expanded attribute information. I normally search for a size ’12’ for female clothing but if I am looking for jeans will also want the waist and length.

If someone else’s title tells me what the item is better than yours, I will click elsewhere.

Your titles DO also have to make some kind of sense for example:

‘NEW STYLISH GRIP SERIES LEATHER CASE COVER FOR IPHONE 4 4S FREE SCREEN PROTECTOR’ – I hate capitals and it is against eBay’s good title suggestions but looking at the wording this title has all the keywords I need and it tells me what I am clicking on.

‘Fits,iPhone 5 5G Case,Silicone Cover,Skin, For Apple,Royal Pig HOT PINK’ – All the keywords, no sense. A better title would be ‘New Hot Pink Royal Pig Silicone Cover Skin fits Apple iPhone 5 4G’ (As 5G doesn’t exist, no one in the UK would search for it).

However, both of these were top of the searches in eBay for ‘iPhone case’ proving that keywords and not sense gets you high up however this auction ended with no bids. None. Probably only at the top because it was a ‘minutes left’ auction. On refresh something with an equally bad title replaced it, again…no bids.


Don’t be lazy here. Your images tell me WHO you are and what kind of business I am dealing with especially in a raft of search results. I am either looking for a second hand something from a home/private seller or a new item from a professional seller. Photos on someones floor says ‘home seller’ to me and model photos/professional photos say ‘professional seller’.


OK, you have hooked me in now so don’t make me READ. Give me 3-5 reasons why I should buy and have done with it. Tell me what I get, what it is good for, something to make me trust you and trust that this item is fit for purpose. Something super technical? Tell me after the main reasons, because if I need to explore technical specifications I will now read on as I want to buy from you.


Don’t show me a random 90’s eBay image for a logo if you are a large seller with professional photos and make the effort to hook me in with good titles and descriptions! I won’t remember you. I might go back to that seller I used a while back in this category. I was happy with my purchase, let me search for the same item I purchased back then to see if they have the item I want. I didn’t add you to my watch list, I wasn’t engaged with the full experience and you can go back in the search lottery when I try again. I do this OFTEN if I can’t find a seller that I like from an eBay search.


I don’t always go for the cheapest, however I consider VALUE a lot when I purchase online. This item is more expensive BUT…

If you are NOT the cheapest, tell me why and show me why in your pictures.

Cross Sell

Hmmm…this isn’t exactly what I needed, what else do you have similar or in the same category? If I can’t do THIS within the item description, I go back to the main search either on Google or eBay. The search lottery starts again!


Easy on marketplaces to judge reputation, but on a website I will NOT buy from a badly designed, old looking, out of date website. I think you don’t check your orders. I feel you might not comply with current regulations for payments. I worry. I hit the back button.

All of these things persuade me to BUY or NOT. I love to shop, sell to me and help me find you.

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Channeladvisor Lunch and Learn, Joint Injection and New Project!

It seems I am speeding up towards Christmas when I normally slow down! Next week Mathias and I will be at the Channeladvisor offices telling them all about the WIDshop eBay design product and how it has grown since it’s launch at the last lunch and learn which was back in January I believe!

New project! I always LOVE a new project as it keeps my life interesting. More info here as it goes live. It’s an eBay design plus webstore double combo made popular by createyourtemplate’s unified e-commerce design experience with

Joint injection…gah…I have tendinosis from a martial arts injury and need an injection. Hopefully just one!

As my freelance ways in the new year will take me more places (and I don’t really want to strain said arm) I will be getting myself a tablet. I am liking the samsung galaxy tabs/note as well as the google nexus. I am worried about the lack of 3/4G in the nexus though, even if I can access BT openzone wifi free, I have yet to come across a decent zone.

However, I also like the look of the new windows one. I will need a tablet to be able to run word/excel (or similar) and email so I can end invoices and co-ordinate work as well as develop for touch screen.

Hmmm…first world problems eh?

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Saturn, Germany’s biggest and trusted electronics retailer on eBay!

Saturn is Germany’s biggest electronic retailer, and they have started their marketplaces strategy with eBay.

With around 128 stores Saturn is one of the big players in German electronics retail business. It also has 13 stores in Austria, 15 in Poland, 4 in Hungary, 10 in Spain, 16 in Italy, 36 in France, 6 in Belgium, 2 in Luxembourg, 2 in Russia, 11 in the Netherlands, 5 in Greece and 3 in Turkey. – Wikipedia

*edited to add – Wiki is out of date 240 stores over Europe!

In their eBay design they have links to their other eBay shops which correspond to a bricks and mortar store. Here you can get clearance and display products cheap from your local store!

It will be interesting to see how successful this model is and if they expand it outside Germany to all of their stores.

and a link to ‘one’ of their stores:

Will we see all of their stores with a corresponding eBay store in the future?

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Biscuits…and update…

More specifically..cookies…

Well since giving the option I have NO analytics what so ever…so it means my visitors are afraid of strange and wonderful types of biscuit.

However,converselymy position in Google has risen to page 1/2 in some cases and for some keywords I now have multiple entries rather than just the one blog reference.

Related? Who knows! The language Google animals speak is complex but currently, they seem to like me so I won’t complain!



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Why you should sponsor Channeladvisor Catalyst…

I did think about writing what was learnt at CA catalyst this year, but as Tamebay do this already – I thought I would put my sponsor head on and detail for potential new sponsors why Createyourtemplate has bothered these past 3 years 🙂

1. The food – you are always fed ‘n’ watered well as a sponsor and attendee at Channeladvisor events. This year we had more time for the feeding process (which so happened to be in the room with all the sponsors) so as people eat they like to talk, so potential clients will wander round with their coffee chatting to other attendees and to the sponsors.

2. Other third party providers – Catalyst is always good to catch up with our fellow third party providers and competitors (Grrrrr…arrrrg) to see how they are fairing in business and exchange experiences.

In the Channeladvisor world the third party provider space is not that huge, so we all get to know one another. When you have a network of trusted service providers you can recommend to your existing clients, we all bounce off one another. Even companies who on the face of it are direct competitors, are not normally carbon copies of each other. They can offer and lend services so that the client gets what they need.

3. Other third party providers, that don’t sponsor also attend the event – I negotiated a nice deal and introduction to a newer marketplace (playtrade) that would suit the direction one of my clients is taking. He will be happy with this 🙂

4. Potential clients – it’s why us sponsors go really, to get business. The good thing with potential and current ChannelAdvisor clients is that they are pre qualified. When you are speaking to a potential they are interested in moving forward and contracting a company to make this happen.

5. Networking – Talking e-commerce with a few free alcoholic beverages in you is fun. You meet new friends and clients in a more relaxed atmosphere.

6. Ideas – potential clients are brimming with ideas, information and enthusiasm after all the seminars and speakers. They are in the MOOD, and ready to make waves with the help of us sponsors perhaps?

7. CA Staff – I spoke to lots of CA staff, to catch up with personally and to speak about clients. Lots of new introductions too. I had a demo of their new ‘salesforce’ offering which a client of mine wants us to integrate in his store and eBay design. I also got a pair of fresh eyes on a clients SearchAdvisor account because it is driving sales and traffic to a store designed by us. We want the store to be excellent in all things and we take conversion very seriously 🙂

Well that is what as a sponsor and eBay/E-commerce design company, CA catalyst means to me.

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