Product Review – Terapeak eBay Market Research

Terapeak is an industry leading ebay researching tool that can break down the sales by keyword and tell you lots and lots of juicy information. Between $14.95 and $24.95 per month as an ebay consultancy this would provide the necessary information to guide and monitor clients.

Some example data:

Searching by the keyword: Hustler Lingerie

Total Sales: £297 Total Listings: 450 Successful Listings: 27
Total Bids: 42 Items Offered: 478 Items Sold: 28
Bids per Listing: 0.09 Sell-Through: 6.00% Sellers per Day: 4

It also tells me the highest price sold item was £24.50, and that Thursday between 10 and 11pm is the best time. So looking at the sell though rate of this item I would not waste by ebay fee’s trying to sell it!

The Industry Leader for eBay Research

Terapeak, an eBay Certified Provider, was founded in 2002 by brothers Anthony and Andrew Sukow while running their eBay Power Seller business. Terapeak then quick established itself as the industry leader for eBay Research by being the first to provide eBay seller, eBay category, eBay Motors P&A, and eBay international research.

Terapeak is also the only company to focus exclusively on eBay research. Terapeak places focus on education, innovation and the customer experience. Terapeak also boasts the largest customer base for eBay research and is the fastest growing eBay research company.

Rating 9/10 – I like it and it gives me the heads up fast. Also a great tool if you are thinking of starting an ebay channel for your business. You need to know your products sell well or the marketplace is not over saturated with your product or selling too low for you to make a profit!

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Tech Crunch UK – All about the startups 2.0

Tech Crunch which is a blog that coveres web 2.0 and mobile start ups is re-launching again in the UK around June.

TechCrunch, founded by Michael Arrington on 11 June 2005, is a weblog dedicated to obsessively profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies. In addition to new companies, we profile existing companies that are making a commercial or cultural impact on the new web space.

They are looking for representation for their conference in San Francisco in sept. I so wish I could go! But I am not a start up……yet…..

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Blogging for customers!

The buzz word of 2006 was web 2.0. ‘Oh its so Web 2.0′ you might hear at conferences and seminars. My take on web 2.0 is building a community for your buyers based on the product type on offer. Your customers are moving to on-line sales but they need your advice. Truthful, simple advice without the hard sell. First magazines, gossip columns and newspapers caught onto the blog wave, but now product sellers are paving the way to help the customer make the right purchase.

Adverts may be boring and invasive at times but Blogs are not, take ‘Innocent smoothies‘ they have a web log that provides an interesting insight to their origins, ethics and the people in the company. A blog like this takes of the lid off a large company letting the consumer take a look inside. This is what corporate blogging is all about.

For instance a fashion designer and retailer launched their blog to raise awareness and keep customer informed of new styles and movements in the fashion industry.

Top free blog providers out there include, Typepad and WordPress. WordPress is also one of the most popular open source blogging software, with a new release at the end of January and a unique ‘Multi-Blogger’ system dubbed ‘Wordpress Mu’ so you can provide your employees with a blog of their own linked to your main domain.

As a new ‘blogger’ I would suggest a free hosted blog before you integrate a blog into your main domain. A ‘news’ blog needs to be updated with new content everyday, but a corporate blog only needs feeding 3-4 times a week. If you don’t update your blog your customers interest will wane and the point of the blog will eventually be lost.

We hope to see you in the blogging revolution!

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