New eBay Design Series for 2013!

Way back when in 2007 I detailed about advanced eBay design, some eBay design firms that are still in operation today tell me that’s how they started…from my guides. Did I create a monster? Well, I am going to do it again.

I am setting up my own retail operation for launch in the summer and I will detail MY eBay design process. It will be quite simple as technology has moved on SO much that I will only be creating a simple eBay template and store header. Plus my store won’t have THAT many lines, just big on variations so the cross sells can be hardcoded searches and for starters a category navigation WON’T be needed. It will also be mobile friendly and responsive. I am having fun with responsive web designs so I will translate this to a simple eBay listing template and ‘stack’ for mobile screens.

I am not a designer, I work WITH designers and eBay design companies that are FANTASTIC at what they do. This design/coding series will be aimed at those on their first steps with eBay design and eBay as a business BEFORE investment in professional design is sensible.

This is a DIY series, I offer no support. If you want to invest in professional eBay design you can contact me and we can have a proper discussion.

Watch this space!

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When NOT to use immediate payment on eBay…

I have seen the rise of immediate payment while shopping on eBay. Where is it good for stopping non-paying buyers it can also lose you the sale. Here is an example situation where immediate payment kills the sale.

I have a new obsession…HOME GEL NAILS. I now cut my own hair and do my own nails. I bought a kit from Sensationail who sell in Boots however on their OWN site the starter kit was £20 cheaper AND on their facebook page they had a discount code.

VERY happy…

However, eBay is a great feeder of obsessions so I wanted to find other brands and colours that worked with my LED lamp. I find a brand that my sister has her nails done with professionally and it is only £3.50 with free shipping! WOW!

Feedback – check

Description/Item fit for purpose – check (even though on the cheapest listing you had to do a bit more research on the colours that I would have liked using the eBay app)

Select colour and buy….IMMEDIATE PAYMENT? But I want 3 colours? You are going to make me go through the checkout on my mobile 3 times, you will send 3 packages (what a waste of packing materials) and potentially the postman has to visit or leave a card 3 times.

Uggh…next seller….

Hmm…£3.90…O.K, not bad…IMMEDIATE PAYMENT….

Next seller…£4.20….finally NOT immediate payment (quickly buys three colours which are much better depicted so I can be sure of the colour/name accuracy) then remembers you can’t combine on the mobile app (bad eBay) so checked out this morning at ‘work’ and added 3 more colours….

Consider your buyers, are you about to put an item on immediate payment that you want people to make multiple purchases from?



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Cyber Monday Tablet Shopping Conversion Higher than Desktop

Well it was bound to happen. I am going ‘tablet’ in 2013 also….

Econsultancy reports that users shopping on tablets are more likely to buy/convert to a sale. Is this testament to good design with respect to tablets or the fact its just so EASY? Probably a bit of both. The large retailers and marketplaces saw mobile/tablet shopping coming and they were prepared!

Figures: Tablet conversion rates (5.84%) actually exceeded conversion rates on desktop (5.51%) in the US. Mobile traffic was 21% of overall traffic!

Your business needs to be tablet friendly in 2013 if it is NOT already!


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