Royal Mail don’t want us to export….or don’t want you to be competitive…

Of the recent price hikes with Royal Mail the worst offender is the rise to international mail. Airmail to Europe will rise roughly 81% and to the rest of the world roughly 59%.

Our government wants us to trade internationally but have allowed this kind of increase?

I get books through YesAsia with FREE SHIPPING as long as I spend over $35. The mooks I buy are about 450g each. I normally buy two/three at a time so each parcel nears 1kg.

If I wanted to get these posted from a UK seller (who is also twice as expensive) it would cost 7.82 if I lived in Europe, 14.08 if I lived in the US and 5.60 in reality as I live in the UK a the new prices. It doesn’t SEEM a lot and what the RM profess they need to charge to make a profit. But the real clincher here is that postal prices in other countries are MUCH cheaper for business and it’s cheaper for me to import than buy from my home country.

Sad really.

Also as we expand e-business in the UK to encompass world wide exporting, so companies can remain competitive they are squeezing their margins. Consumers won’t pay more so they Royal mail is probably going to cost a few people their jobs as companies shed excess costs.

This seems to be the big worry for etailers with new legislation coming in, disproportionate postal price hikes and everything seemingly to be detrimental to the wonderful and profitable world of ecommerce that WAS open to all big and small…

That’s why I am learning Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

I think I might need it.

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Internet Retailing Expo 2012

I was at Internet Retailing Expo last week, spending a good deal of time with Tamebay and my friend Jane who is an eBay consultant.

My mission (which I chose to accept) was to find suitable partners for our new Wishops eBay design offering. We are now entering the SME space with regards to marketplaces so we appeal to a different audience.

Also our clients have various challenges so it’s always good to know who is out there and doing what so we can recommend solutions and partners.

New acquaintances for us this year have been Brightpearl and Sellerexpress, and we visited our partners Channeladvisor, eSeller Pro and iContact also at their stands.

However, I found lack of inspiration at this event. Have I been over exposed now so know all corners of my field? I found no ‘oh wow that is cool’ this year, or any information that was not old news. I attended some of the talks but found myself fiddling with my phone because the information was old hat.

Our set of partners are always cutting edge and forward thinking so maybe now it seems UK business is playing major catch up with respects to technology and information.

I am looking forward to Channeladvisor catalyst as the information and topics discussed here are normally looking to the year ahead rather than behind us.

I was surprised at the lack of interest in Asian markets also in my discussions with various people. Plenty were talking about the acquisition of playtrade by Rakuten but many didn’t know it WAS an actual marketplace.

I did have fun though, talking to the various companies and meeting up with old friends.

Jane and I had a few instances of ‘lets dumb it down for those females’ with a few companies, who of course will not be on my recommended list to clients!

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WIDSHOP eBay design at Channeladvisor Catalyst 2012

Well…it’s that time of year again. Sandra (from the Berlin office) and I have been discussing hotels for Catalyst

This year though, we are introducing our Widshop eBay design service so we have a four strong team, 3 from Berlin and yours truly.

The reason we sponsor Catalyst and have done for 5 years is the very reason people GO to catalyst.


The content reflects on the past success but mainly focuses on the future of e-commerce and what areas need investment for business expansion.

This year Catalyst will focus again on cross border trade as this is SUPER important and not just looking at Europe.

The east is where there is a massive amount of money and a love of UK goods. Check out – a site pushing American goods to the Japanese market.

And who owns – A Japanese company! Should you be selling to the East? Have you been watching the telly recently? Loads of programmes on the expansion of China and the east. Heck, we are asking China to bail out Europe!

I digress, where was I..oh CATALYST 🙂

This year are some great speakers talking about social commerce, search, female representation in business (you can tell I have started to go to Girl Geek stuff and networking with my fellow business women) and all kinds of things relating to being a successful e-business.

One of the great things about Catalyst is meeting like minded people with the same goals, needs and problems as you. There are a lot of opportunities to network, party and you are ALWAYS well fed at this event.

This event is about information, relevant to your on-line business and where the sector is heading.

The other great thing about Catalyst is you can speak to various third party service providers (which I am one) and discuss potential future partnerships. Having everything in house is expensive and hard to run, third party companies are essential in e-businesses.

Well, I hope to see you at Catalyst and I (Createyourtemplate) will be there with chocolates and sweets as always.

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One Year On…Japanese Tsunami Disaster, Charity and Corporate Responsibly.

In a few days we will remember what happened on that fateful day to the people of the Tohoku region of Japan

Lives were lost but also destroyed in ways we can not imagine.

Still work goes on to restore the area including businesses.
Imagine what it would be like to loose your business. Not to go bankrupt, but to loose EVERYTHING including the area that supported your business.

This is the newsletter from a Ishinomaki Japan based team of volunteers I had the pleasure to work with.

Itsnotjusmud provide essential work for the affected region and as people forget and move on with their lives they forget what happened.

Lets not beat about the bush, they need money, volunteers and skilled labour. If you can provide any of that please drop them a bell. Say that Liz sent you.

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