Thank you for all your emails!

Thank you to the people that have email though in recent weeks – sorry I have been slow replying. I always read and reply to email’s personally and still love to hear your thoughts. I will blog about the following support topics as soon as I am able:

1. De-bunking the ChannelAdvisor Premium store set up process – a guide for those with little concentration.
2. Breaking down eBay’s changes for real people.
3. How to be the client in a web project (I like this one, no one ever tells the client what they need to do – and you are so important to the development process)


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REALLY excited about ChannelAdvisor catalyst this year!

It is coming up and at last count only 10 seats left – Frooition customers got a last minute 49 off the event to make sure all seats were full.

This year just feels very positive, the business is going well and I have worked with some great clients like in the last few months. They are experiencing their best ever eBay sales record and we hope the website which is promoted by searchadvisor (a channeladvisor search product) and soon a little marketing creative from CYT will match this.

But as always, with my head deep in XML/SQL files – I need to brush up on my oh so current eBay – a lot has changed this week it seems and I need to play catch up.

I have been doing a mix of projects, from SEO and programming to consultancy and design.

I shall be sitting in all the conferences this catalyst (or as many as I can) so my head will be full of blog-able information soon.

Speak then my e-commerce lovelies.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Well, next year involves quite a big change for me – real office space and a design partner so I hope 2010 is as eventful for everyone. I will pimp my case studies here as well as keeping it real with my musings on eBay, e-commerce and e-life in general.

In fact next year I will have more time to devote to my crafty projects and this blog so you will be hearing more from me next year than the one just past.

Hairfreax – new site and restricting handmade hairpiece catalogue. Adding handmade rockabilly Yukata and Kanzashi, as well as funky obi and Japanese/Anime inspired fashion.

Hairfreax eBay – just a few pre-made hairpeices

Keirotech will be partnering with Createyourtemplate and be absorbed into CYT UK – eBay Design, Web Design inc ASPDNSF design, Flash programming, brick to bytes – on-line business integration and business consultancy. New site/info to come.

See you in 2010!

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Open Source Consulting Reviews and Support

OK, well this idea might not work, but I am opening the floor for such a thing. The web is all about user generated content and interactivity so lets see if we can make this blog responsive to your needs and questions.

So I am adding two new ‘sides’ to the blog as such.


Just so you know what I am harking on about, this is where you can email me your reviews of any web related shop, service, software and it will be posted on this blog un-edited for all to see. People read this blog and sometimes the people who are responsible for said services. So they can sit back and smile to themselves for a job well done or jump too if they haven’t.
The only catch is your eBay shop/website will have to be included in the review. This is so said companies can address any issues with you and to avoid anonymous rants.

Reviews are so important to readers as it helps with customer confidence and also to avoid pitfalls in their own e-commerce adventures.


Have a question or quandary? Not quite sure what decision to make? We have done this on and off since the inception of the blog, but if you are stuck or confuzzled about something e-commerce, drop me a line and support will be blogged.

Ask about anything e-commerce related. Humour/comedy is permitted.

*Please note this is not a invitation for free consultancy, you can try your luck but as I am in charge I will select the questions and reviews (probably group the reviews) that appear.

Please email me:


and lets start sorting out the e-commerce world and make it accessible to all.

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Channeladvisor Store SEO Basics

OK, so it is asked a lot so here we go:


Liz Glossary:

Keyword = one or two words to define an item e.g mobile phone, cricket bat, golf, socks, Addidas etc
Keyword phrase = Puma cricket bat, kids Dunlop golf clubs etc

Category Set Up:

1. Define yourself 4 main keywords per category (search for the best ones here and this include sub categories too.

2. Build and use the keywords in your category names, you don’t have to use all 4 as it probably won’t make sense.

3. Place your four keywords in your category meta keywords information in stores>manage categories a place your should know well by now!

General Store Set Up

Pick 20 keyword phrases that encompass your whole store, you have used keywords (single words/phrases like cricket bat, cricket gloves) in your categories, so now its time to use key phrases. We pick small number of keywords as SEO?marketing is a fluid beast and you might need to change and flex your keywords if they are not working. Place these in your main store meta keywords and also for your additional pages.

Store Item Titles

Still think a bit eBay when it comes to keywords as your item titles make up part of the URL for each item in store. Also make sure you have implemented your own URL for the store, it is much nicer!

Use Third Party Google Tools

Set up Google base as a standard and also Google Analytics and tracking to see if your keyword choices are being used and if you are missing anything.

If you have these elements as basics then your store should be indexed and attract appropriate customers (remember your customers in your keyword choices, they are not experts in the products like you are…what do they call things? Listen to them in emails and on the phone to how they explain the product and the language they use)

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Persuasive Hyperlinking in your User Experience

Hyperlinks are the unsung hero of persuasion selling. Hyperlinks, retain the momentum of a buying decision by answering your customer questions. In designing the content and look for any site you always consider your audience, and especially what questions they will need answering before they make a purchase from your site. When used appropriately, they can also be a useful SEO tool.

A good example of contextual linking:

Hairfreax extensions for Cybergoth Hair extensions.

Cybergoth Hair is a key phrase for Hairfreax SEO.

Another random example is:

Luxury brands are gasping for air. Automotive doesn’t seem to know where its next metaphorical meal is from. And the fabled Year of Mobile has not yet dawned. Yet despite it all, Jaguar and Land Rover have together committed $1.6 million to US mobile advertising.

(The link has been disabled)

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