Confidence is higher than expected? far behind…

Intershop have just released a report suggesting that confidence is higher in e-commerce than traditional retail with, quoting UK statistics 52% of UK retailers feel an online presence is key for growth…

ONLY 52%? Is the British retail consortium this far behind? It is better than France and Germany but still, with our weak economy more British retailers should see the advantage of online retailing to expand into a global market!

However, banks are still far to wary about lending to online business. Even business’s that are booming and growing globally struggle to get finance to expand. So with the fast turnover of stock keeping cash flow at a minimum how can retailers expand without a little help from the banks?

In this report 48% of retailers struggle to manage their brand and marketing over many channels and devices.This is where investment is needed but with confidence in the markets still very low (with major retailers struggling doesn’t help) banks won’t lend. Slows down expansion and economic recovery.

Catch 22.


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