Createyourtemplate, Channeladvisor Catalyst and Pimp my Shop

Mathias and I under the Createyourtemplate banner moseyed on down to ChannelAdvisor Cataylst at Vinopolis in London.One of the features of Catalyst was a ‘pimp my shop’ session for ChannelAdvisor Stores, taking an existing CA customer with no current design. So let me run through the features of our tender:

sockslogo.jpg Running down the design we start with the logo, branding is very important to a customer. Its something they recognise and trust. A consistent branding is essential so even though this is a design for the ChannelAdvisor Store, this design will also translate to eBay. We pushed the fact that the seller sold socks and underwear in this logo design, making a clear distinction between the main product types.


The top navigation was designed to hone in on the popular categories of products and also provide extra navigation for the customer. This tender design was based on the socks category page to show the kind of detail and functionality you can have with a CYT (Createyourtemplate) design.


The seller was famous for his branded socks and underwear, especially in the children’s cartoon sector. This scrolling character sorter provides a very visual link between the products and the characters. shopbyc.jpg

We also implemented a further shop by character, in the left hand side navigation. You find that when you are shopping for items you do place some recognition on a brand logo, in this case a cartoon character but you might also know exactly what you are looking for so using this further character search will refine your choice.




Being still a fan of the ‘above the fold’ concept, and customers need to be able to find the main product they are looking for on the page without scrolling. The socks by size and type product sorter is placed above the fold to enable the customer to effectively navigate to their desired product. You might notice also a test location path so the customer knows where they are in the grand scheme of the site. In the main content of the page you will also find sorters for children’s socks:


Teaser sections to promote key products are great for promotion of your best items, as with all CYT designs we like clients to be independent of us when we have finished the designs. The designs can be easily edited to change various sections and text within the design. This would be an example of an ever changing section within the design.


Your basic left hand side navigation is a standard. Our navigation sections are dynamic….

and they expand to reveal more categories. As with all web pages you need a search, and we have positioned the search above the fold for easy access.
Your customers also need section where they can navigate to information about your products and not just the products themselves. This is why we have designed for an ‘about the company’ section, ‘find your size’ section and also a socks FAQ.


With no further ado, I shall show you the full mock up of the design for a ChannelAdvisor store unveiled at Catalyst. The other participants, Happy Crocodiles and Frootion, also tendered a design to the client together with interested Catalyst goers and a selection of CA employees. The session showed three very different design services with three tiers price points. So you can be confident their is eBay and CA design out there and endorsed by ChannelAdvisor (well they let us come didn’t they?) for all levels of business and all levels of investment in design.

Please note that all images within the design are copyright of createyourtemplate GmbH & Co. KG, and all character images are protected by their respective owners.

Please keep watching for the full mock up!

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