E-commerce Tarot – Shall we let the cards decide?

Well, I have a Tarot deck. I bought it from eBay after having my first Tarot reading for 3 at a Halloween event locally. The woman behind me was like ‘Only 3? Hell yeah, I pay 35 for readings normally!!’


Well, the artwork in the deck my reader used was pretty nice so I thought I would buy that one and investigate this ‘35 a reading’ pandemonium.

I bought myself the ‘Wildwood Tarot’ and started investigating to see if it was all horoscopes & fortune telling. It is for some, but more seasoned readers seem to view the cards as a pathway to your unconscious. More of a psychological tool than a spiritual one. However, the seeker can deduce what they feel like from the reading.

So for a bit of fun I thought I would ask the cards E-COMMERCE questions, in a simple pathway spread (3 cards) and maybe the musing of my unconscious mind would benefit.

I shall ask the cards popular questions about eBay, Amazon and other e-commerce reporting and events…lets see if the cards are RIGHT!

My first question:

How can sellers prevent fraud through eBay’s managed returns process?

First Card: The Issue
Five of Bows * Empowerment

Sellers need to evolve a grounded & assertive mindset. They need to utllise this self empowerment for growth and change, not just personally but for the whole eBay community.

Second Card: Action to Avoid
Two of Vessels * Attraction

Sellers need to avoid the millions of subliminal messages from the community. They need to avoid emotional responses to the subject.

Third Card: Action to Take
Three of Stones * Creativity

Sellers need to channel their creative energies into a positive outcome and meaningful achievement.

In real terms, when it comes to suspected fraud through the managed returns process, don’t panic. eBay has put into place *some* conditions where you can appeal the return but it can be a slow process, especially if you need to contact eBay customer service. You need to keep your emotions out of it, and deal with FACTS only. Emotions slow down the process, and also turn a good day into a crappy one because of one dodgy return. Communicate with buyers about the returns process in your listings if you are getting frequent problematic returns. Remember, buyers are human too – they don’t want to pay for the returns process and a little creativity on their part is not criminal. But it is against policy, and eBay will try and do something about it for you. Managed returns will improve, and improve the reputation of eBay as a safe place to buy.

Ecommerce Tarot Reading

Just remember, that was 35* worth of reading….*But I don’t charge!

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