Ebay Design Experiment July Update

Remember this post? Search Engine Friendly URLs Dashes or underscores? well…. it is quite hard to determin the ranking of said URLs, but lets just say for one this if you search for “ebaydesign” the url kidsontalks.com/ebaydesign/ turns up 5th.

Comparing the traffic for each URL:

First is http://kidsontalks.com/ebay_design/
Second is http://kidsontalks.com/ebaydesign/
Third is http://kidsontalks.com/ebay-design/

For their respective keywords /ebaydesign/ ranked 5th of google.com for “ebaydesign”, /ebay_design/ ranked first on google.com for “ebay_design” ( but who really searches for that?) and /ebay-design/ ranked 66th on google.com.

Now hoe about the elusive, popular keyword ‘ebay design’ ??????

Well my ebay Blog about it eBay-Design-Keyword-Experiment on Ebay Blogs ranked 33rd on google.com…and the URL’s? Nada!

I am going to add in more content to the pages to see if this boosts the rankings!

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