eBay New Stores Experience Promise

Right then, so my mind is in tip top condition for Catalyst with respects to the latest and greatest developments in eBay store design I am finally this weekend going to convert that Hairfreax PSD into a matching store frame on the new stores experience.

Promising full store compliance lets look at the key rules broken in the last store design:

Externalised CSS

Oh yes, I am guilty so all the css will now be held within the design pages, which is a right pain if you have to update your css as every page would need to be changed. A step back in coding evolution from eBay…

Using eBay’s own ID or class based rules

OK, so again I manipulated eBays css id’s and classes. Changing them is their prerogative and I will steer clear and make up my own funky names for things. Prepare for the ridiculous.

Basically, the new store will be a nice HTML based frame with the eBay gunk in the middle. I will bust my buttons to make sure the category pages also have this frame so the design is not splash-psge-esq. If I have to jump backwards and not externalise CSS I’m not taking another giant leap backwards by splash paging.

I’ll leave the splash pages to marketing freaks.

I am going to go backwards on this one a little, providing the full code up front then working backwards and breaking it down step by step. I know there are hungry bunnies out there wanting their next eBay design project fix and my time is limited so I want to concentrate on the bulk of the task in hand.

I will update on Saturday with how far I have got. As always the code and crappy images I create will be all free free free, and I won’t even ask you to link back or credit. I would just like see your eBay shop for your take on the framework!

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