Ecommerce Tarot – What’s in store for marketplace sellers in 2015? #2

Following on from this post I go onto the second part of the big question!

How should sellers prepare for 2015?

Preparation is all about learning from previous experience. One of my sellers today asked me to switch off their international listings because they needed to ease the pressure. What a GREAT problem to have. They have already grown 50% on the previous year with 4 weeks of selling left. So those 4 weeks will be from their UK listings only. I have already been thinking of ways to cope with the very ‘seasonal’ heavy sales of this client as there is a LOT of expansion to be had in 2015. However, this is a null point if the business infrastructure can’t keep up with sales growth.

I am going to use the Rider Waite Tarot deck today, this is the one you see in all the films associated with ‘witches’ and fortune telling. I am feeling very ‘New Orleans’ today so I chose this deck.

A three card pull from this deck signifies ‘Past, Present then Future’

1. Past

Ace of Pentacles – Reversed

Sellers need to be mindful of bad intelligence. What has worked in the past, might not be for the future. E-commerce is ever changing so you must evolve with it. Cast away old thinking and bad decisions.

2. Present

Queen of Wands – Reversed

A lot of what sellers have been focused on in 2014 is customer service. eBay & Amazon has tightened the grip here and those who have succeeded should continue this vein of providing golden service. This is what you can take from your present performance into 2015.

3. Future

Temperance – Reversed

Sellers need to be careful of conflicting interests in the future and unfortunate combinations. This is poignant for growing sellers who need to make sure their infrastructure can cope with the growing demand for products and marketplace expansion.



Growth is great but also hard work. I can imagine this last weekend has made sellers larger then they planned for this year, but next year you need to be prepared.

Things you can think about as a growing company in 2015:

1. More efficient fulfillment processes – bring the cost of shipping out orders down.

2. Consolidated listing & channel management – look into software to manage your channels without growing your people.

3. Preparing correctly for new marketplaces – are there any gaps in your domestic channels? If not go INTERNATIONAL.

4. Increase depth and breadth of product ranges using intelligence sourcing and data.


*Please remember this is just for fun, insight and a way to get myself blogging again after a poor show this year. Tweet your questions to @Kidsontalks – It’s free!

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