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As I don’t have my comments on as default I occasionally get emails!

One such email in response to : What functionality to make sure you have when investing in an e-commerce platform…


Hi Liz,
I really enjoy your blog.
I read your post today on e commerce platforms and I wondered if you knew
anything about Is it a worthwhile option?

Thanks for taking the time to read this

and i said….

I have not heard of them but as there were a codie finalist they can’t be
half bad! It includes a one page shopping cart (marvellous, better for
reducing cart abandonment) and also CRM tools, which is a nice added
feature for customer support and after sales marketing. It all depends
whether you need all these nifty features for your business and whether it
justifies the price. As it has a 30 day trial you have nothing to loose
trying it out.
I took a look at and they have SEF URLs (text
urls) and I had no loading problems either whilst accessing the site.

So what has got that stands out to me?
One page checkout ( the holy grail of all checkout formats, why would you want anything less?)
CRM tools – The CRM tool Salesforce tracks everything in my work life, so it would be great for an e-commerce set up to track customer questions, website support and also drive marketing campaigns and track their success.
– They are thinking about SEO, with the text urls and the site mapping for Google and Yahoo.
– The ability to automate shopping comparison feeds and also set up your own affiliate schemes.
– Many payment integrations ( but no mention of paypal pro in the website? Surely not?)
– Using excel to manage your inventory

and many more features. They seem to be dotting every I an crossing every T with and ERP like coverage with regards to e-commerce. They also have a free trial available.

But go on…how much does all this cost?

$1799 (£906 at time of publishing) a year for the basic subscription of up to 1000 items, but bear in mind that does include the hosting, disk space,emails and support.

… for what £75.50 a month. Not a bad deal really. I would recommend this for existing businesses thinking of going global with e-commerce from about £2Kto £30K GMS (Gross Monthly Sales)

Now, onto the Design….

Design is extra, their design services are an extra $1250 (£630). They boast the system is fully customisable so design is what I would shop around for. You could probably save on the design element, or find a design team that suits your tastes more as everyone is different. No point putting all your eggs in one basket when the market is so large and fruitful!

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