Golfbase love WIDshop eBay design….

They do:

We are absolutely delighted with our new ebay WIDshop, from start to finish the guys from createyourtemplate have been supportive, inventive and professional. They have a constant can do attitude and we really get the impression that they want the same things as we do as a client going forward. Our sales are up and the manufacturers we deal with are even more impressed with our ebay set up.

Thank you CYT, great job!

Troy Moore, Director, Golfbase LTD

I am glad Mathias and I give the impression that we want the same things as our clients going forward. We do. I ALWAYS genuinely want my clients to do well and succeed. It’s why I am in this business!

Adding this to the showcase for WIDshop eBay design on this site and you can see the full detail of the project.

They also made this and had it on their store for the first month:

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