Good data takes you nice places! – Introduction

This new blog series is about organising and manipulating your data in BULK for marketplaces and multi-channel systems.

I will be covering typical data you get from suppliers and how to make that into GOOD data for marketplaces (including specifics) as well as changing your data for different marketplaces.

This will be the master post and the topic covered will be:

1. What is missing? Data that is ALWAYS missing from your supplier.
2. It is in the WRONG place – Data that needs to be separated out for marketplaces and tricks to do this.
3. Titles and descriptions – optimisation and correction.
4. Taking time over the details on LOTS of items at once!
5. Checking for errors.
6. Multichannel systems can save you!

Hopefully this will give you an inside look on how I deal with LARGE amounts of data but still optimise for marketplaces.

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