If you have been set against working with me by another company…cancel that call!

I had a really odd call with a potential client recently. Normally, calls start with a little bit about what I do then a little bit about what you do, then we take a look at how I can help you.

This call was different.

There were two people on the call, the one who I had been emailing who ran the call and the manager who was listening.

Guy A started the call by attacking my service and what I do. I found this really strange as why would you want to organise a call with someone who you DON’T want to work with and don’t think what they offer can help you?

After, some very strange situations Guy A let is slip that he had been talking to someone who considered themselves to be a competitor. They were much better than me and I didn’t have what they wanted.

*Light bulb*

Guy A had been convinced by this ‘competitor’ that I was no good and this was a show to convince said Manager. This is not a theatre, we don’t put on shows.

There are a few people in this industry that don’t like me. They attack my blog and try to run me out of town ever so often in the old fashion ‘western’ kinda way.

Why don’t they like me?

It is normally my job to fix the problems with their products for ex-clients and I see how using them can kill off a business.

It is because I debunk the myths around this industry and shine a light through the cloaks they like to conceal their inefficiencies with.

It is harder to shine in this industry than to undermine other people in order to get work. (Did you get the reference? You know what I have been watching on the box recently!)

My order book is always full because I am good at what I do, my clients are happy and they always have someone to speak to regarding their business. I have started a page with client testimonials as well as a page of case studies of the wonderful people I get to work with. Hopefully I will have some spare time to fill this with ALL of my clients!

If I am too busy to take on a new client I often recommend other consultants like Jane Bell as I know she is also good at what she does but due to this fact normally has a full order book too!

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