eBay Business Management

The eBay business management service uses bulk Automation Tools such as Linnworks and Channeladvisor to manage your eBay listings and sales.

This service includes:

– Setting up of the eBay listing tool.

– Formatting inventory from your data feed including optimising titles and descriptions.

– Creation of your initial eBay listing strategy.

– Installation of design, be it professional ebay design (charged as aseparateproject) or application of a simple logo.

– Listing template content with respect to your terms and conditions. We shall also advise on additional content needed to best service your customers and provide all the information they require about the product and purchase.

The set up of your eBay Business will cost a 1500 set up fee for up to 300 inventory items. Additional inventory items will be an additional charge of 200 per 100 unique items (variations count as 1).

I can then hand back the complete system to you and provide training and email support for a period of 30 days for an additional 350. Without training and support hand back of the system is not charged for.

After a handover period I can provide additional email based support for 300 a month

Alternatively I can run your eBay business on a day to day basis with you for 1000 per month Monday to Friday or 1200 per month including weekends either on a permanent basis or until you feel ready to run the system internally.

Running of the day to day eBay business includes:

– Creation of eBay listings and scheduled launch to the marketplace.

– Weekly review and tweaking of eBay strategy to maximise sales and minimise cost.

– Customer service with respects to the checkout process (please note that product and shipping queries are the responsibility of the eBay account holder, you know the products that you sell inside and out and can provide the best advice)

– Creation and changes to inventory (up to 50 items over the month, any more will be the standard 200 charge per 100 items)

– Management of the sales order process and basic sales reports for accounting and information purposes.

– Continual support and advice on the eBay marketplace.

Please note that ALL incurred eBay and software fees are the responsibility of the account holders. We do not open eBay, Paypal or automation software accounts on behalf of our clients to ensure you own and are always in full control of the work we do for you. This provides easy transition.

We work on a crystal clear ethos, no hidden fees, no binding contracts and no termination fees. We ask for a 30 day hand over period so we can successfully transition your eBay management back to you without interrupting sales.

A breakdown of our charges in short:

Set up of eBay business using Automation Software: 1500 for up to 300 items.
Additional inventory items: 300 per 100 items
Day to day running of your eBay business: 1000 per calender month Monday to Friday and 1200 including weekends.
System 30 day handover: 350
Additional email support 300 per month

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