Golfbase WIDshop Showcase

Golfbase is an excellent case study for the power of professional eBay design coupled with Channeladvisor:

Golfbase needed an eBay design uplift, a fresh look to match their new corporate identity with cutting edge mobile optimised functionality and some problem fixes along the way from their previous eBay design offering.
I worked with a third party provider on this project to achieve these goals as the project manager.

eBay Shop Homepage:

– A seemingly endless template navigation which had grown organically throughout the history of the store. It was a bit out of control and inhibited the shopper. A very tiring experience to sift through!
– Some shop categories were not linked correctly and/or empty. Maintenance of such a structure can be costly and time consuming.
– Store Home page template was fragmented and busy and the design did not cover category or content pages
– Store search yielded many false positives due to the amount of code contained within the templates. Searching for ‘gloves’ gave 872 result whereas the truth was 17 listings for gloves at the time.
– The design was not maintained and out of date for various reasons due to time and cost.

– Compact and automated navigation without the need for shop categories
– Specific homepage cross sells based on search/filter parameters
– Complete coverage of the store with design
– More specific search results rendered with a cleanly coded template

eBay Item listing Template

– Unattractive category navigation with high maintenance costs
– Picture Gallery without zoom
– 3 page layout, with less focus on the item in hand
– Information moderately structured but a lot of information thrown together due to organic growth of product data
– No intelligent cross-selling

– Easy, automated navigation
– Photo gallery with zoom effect, unlimited photos
– 2 page layout leaves a lot of space for product display
– A dynamic structure using a tabbed description to organise content
– Call to action buy now button next the images and below essential product information
– Intelligent cross selling by brand and category

As Golfbase uses Channeladvisor to launch its items to eBay the data is well organised and can be slotted into the templates in an intelligent manor.
On initial integration golfbase reported a spike in overnight sales and weekend to weekend the growth was around 15%.

What does golfbase say?

We are absolutely delighted with our new ebay WIDshop, from start to finish the guys from createyourtemplate have been supportive, inventive and professional. They have a constant can do attitude and we really get the impression that they want the same things as we do as a client going forward. Our sales are up and the manufacturers we deal with are even more impressed with our ebay set up.

Thank you CYT, great job!

Troy Moore, Director, Golfbase LTD

They also made and had this graphic on their eBay store for it’s first month:

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