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I have a strong client base and here are some case studies and success stories for you! I will be adding more as time goes on as references for my work as a freelance consultant. Want to know what my cleints are saying? Check Kidsontalks Client Testimonials

grandstandlogoGrandstand Merchandise specialises in the motorsport merchandise sector.

Grandstand Merchandise sells online though a dedicated webstore and showed considerable sales in the final quarter of 2012 though Amazon. GSM had neglected it’s eBay operation set up around 18 months ago but with renewed vigour have dedicated resource for eBay. In the first month the eBay sales equalled their Amazon sales for the month, effectively doubling their revenue.

This is a very fan based sport and sales rise and fall with the fate of the teams, even though you do get hardcore fans!

GSM will take the new 2013 ranges straight to the customer as early as possible for this season so fans can get geared up for beside the track. On the website, they will be offering a pre-ordering system for the new 2013 ranges.

GSM have an expanded international base with large orders coming from Malaysia, Brazil and the Pacific regions. Their plan is to expand internationally with my support with respect to marketplaces in 2013.

I work with GSM on a monthly contract and my services include:

– eBay optimisation and integration into Channeladvisor
– Amazon Integration and optimisation
– Marketing services and SEO for their webstore
– Support and advice for their team

Through a design partner (createyourtemplate gmBH)

– Project management of the initial and re-design of the webstore on 2013
– Project management and development of the current eBay design and implementation

eBay Store:http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Grandstand-Merchandise/
Webstore: http://www.grandstandmerchandise.com/



logoPassion4italianfashion, home of cutting edge branded fashion.

This client is currently on the accelerated growth programme with eBay and my consultancy for this client includes:

– Design contracting for the redesign of the eBay store and listings
– Design and development of their Amazon Webstore and Amazon marketplace channel
– Integrating their business and processes into Linnworks in together with optimisation for best match so they can run a more efficient enterprise and expand internationally with marketplaces

Before Christmas this cleint was suffering with a dip in sales, so emergency consultancy and advice trebled their sales over the Christmas and January sales periods.

eBay Store: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/passion4italianfashion




Seko Synergy, fulfilment for the e-commerce and marketplace sector.

I have worked with Seko Synergy to develop an ‘all in’ e-commerce solution for business needing a strong fulfilment service. This included defining the existing package for retailers and expanding services for a managed solution.

Services include:

– Content generation for case studies and website
– Consultancy on direction and implementation of new services
– Support and guidance for the new website direction and marketing
– Technical sales support
– Partnership development and lead generation
– On going consultancy and advice for on-boarding retailers and growing sales
– Event support

Website: http://www.sekosynergy.co.uk


LeSports – Online Multichannel Retailer of Sportswear

lesports_logoLeSports is a successful sports retailer from Derbyshire who sells though eBay and his own webstore. I have worked with James for years in many guises.
Their Channeladvisor Premium Store was originally designed by a design company who failed to meet expectation when the client wanted changes. I have been adding functionality and changing the layout of this store for over 2 years.

Changes included but not exclusive to:
– Adding top level navigation
– Trialling filter navigation
– Graphical changes (Social banner was completed by Createyourtemplate)
– Taking the store from 2 column to a 1 column format
– Adding ‘badges’ to item page and category lists controlled by an inventory field within the Channeladvisor account
– Changes to entity page xml as well as product variation display

Recently LeSports entered a contract with a specialist SEO consultancy and marketing company. I made the necessary changes for the client to compliment the services from the SEO consultancy.

Website: http://www.lesports.co.uk

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