Public events and expositions

Want me to join in your event? Invite me! I am interested in working on my public speaking in e-commerce and can speak on a range of topics. I can also be involved in training days. Believe it or not I did a fair chunk of this type of work way back when!

Don’t be afraid of my appearance, I might seem gothic, or you might see me at events dressed in kimono however I can dress like a business woman too when needed. It’s only clothing. It does’t affect my work.

Types of events I have been involved with before:

– Channeladvisor Catalyst as a sponsor
– Various themed conventions speaking about kimono as well as practical workshops and seminars
– Selling at conventions which require background knowledge and expertise
– Corporate events involving kimono and Japanese culture
– Speaking at society events about my volunteer work in tsunami affected areas in Japan
– Training on e-business and software to various groups of people
– Speaking within companies regarding products and services
– Speaking and providing advice for international companies thinking of marketing to the UK (through e-commerce)
– Conveying research and data to peer groups in the pharmaceutical/medical industry
– Organising and running small scale themed events

Let me know if you want me to be involved. I have a wealth of experience speaking to, training and selling to a wide variety of people from different industries.

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