Responsive eBay Design Case Study

Responsive eBay Design (Description Layout) Case Study – Aromatherapy by Tranquility

This was a project for a custom responsive description layout for eBay. If you want me to do this for you, just contact me. Starting price 250 plus the HTML editor to be hosted on your own or my server.

A responsive description layout format for gadgets and the app was created to standardise the description layout format. Policies were added to the description template to garner trust and provide information more readily to the buyer.
Important store links were added to the top of the description template as well as a cross sell section added to drive sales from the listing.

The template is held within a user friendly HTML editor so that the code can be cut and paste the eBay description template easily.




responsive ebay design

The responsive design stacks and shrinks elements accordingly for the eBay app and mobile browsers.

responsive ebay design

and a bit further down:


After starting to impliment the template Justine, the business owner said:

The difference in sales is amazing on the new template! They look so good we are making more sales as we change over. I am so impressed!

Thanks Justine

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