Kimono De Jack UK and Social Shopping

So, it happened. We managed to get 5 kimono lovers together for the first Kimono De Jack event and more will be attending the next event.

*photos by Lyuba Johnson

It was a great event and we shopped, talked and afterwards networked on facebook. I was recommended an obi clip for my obi troubles on the day and Hong used facebook to send me to a Rakuten item: and then following a discussion we had regarding the difficulty in finding larger sized zori, she posted this on my profile:

This is a great example of how real life relationships meet social networking with actions that translate to online shopping. Rakuten also have a new blog.

So in my basket today I have an obi clip, pair of zori and a funky obi makura all made easy for my by friends and facebook. Still think facebook is a waste of time for your online business? Kimono De Jack was Saturday, Monday morning I am spending my hard earned cash.

Social shopping is a key part of an on-line business and facebook makes things easy.

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