Like SEO, UX/UI should be in everything you do…..even eBay

UX/UI (user experience/user interface design) is all about approaching what you do on the web from the users point of view. Be it eBay listings or websites, this along with SEO needs to become natural for a professional in this industry.

However, so many companies get this WRONG. Even if they go ahead and hire a UX/UI team or consultant.


Number One Reason Your UX Investment Isn’t Paying Off

  • You hired the wrong people.
  • You’re not letting the right people do their jobs.
  • UX work is done in a silo.
  • UX team brought in too late.

and the mashable blog post here:

Bad layouts hurt your business. I have seen it so many times, and even the most experienced designers and companies can get it completely wrong. You need to make sure the people you work with USE the web, and for e-commerce projects BUY off similar sites on a regular basis. If a designer or employees of a design company have never bought or sold anything on eBay, it is best to find a company with people who HAVE for your eBay design.

Same with companies that prove listing services to eBay! They claim magnificent eBay optimisation that is all kinds of magic and then all they do is fling a few extra keywords on your titles…sometimes more than once for extra policy breakage!

I buy a LOT online, which is why I make great decisions when it comes to your eBay business.

Think on it next time you embark on a design project or listing services. Check WHO is in charge of the layout or optimisation.

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