New business cards to say ‘I am open for business and I am a GEEK’

I love business cards. I have them for EVERYTHING! My hobby kimono styling business, my personal blog and now THIS blog which will also be my identity in the future.

hire me

These are mini cards and have 5 slightly different space raider designs on them. As I have decided not to really brand myself as a business, my business cards can reflect my personalty.

I shall be networking more in the next year, even though my time is starting to fill up for the new year already (1/3 already accounted for on an on-going basis) I will make time to network as I want to take on interesting and involved projects.

Want me to work for you? Contact me through this blog, or through twitter/facebook/linkedin and I will be happy to discuss how I can help you and showcase my previous work/projects I have been involved in.

Want me to join in your event? Invite me! I am interested in working on my public speaking in e-commerce (mostly kimono/Japanese culture related experience is all I have done in the last 12 months regularly) and can speak on a range of topics. I can also be involved in training days. Believe it or not I did a fair chunk of this type of work way back when!

Don’t be afraid of my appearance, I might seem gothic, or you might see me at events dressed in kimono however I can dress like a business woman too when needed. It’s only clothing. It does’t affect my work.

Types of events I have been involved with before:

– Channeladvisor Catalyst as a sponsor
– Various themed conventions speaking about kimono as well as practical workshops and seminars
– Selling at conventions which require background knowledge and expertise
– Corporate events involving kimono and Japanese culture
– Speaking at society events about my volunteer work in tsunami affected areas in Japan
– Training on e-business and software to various groups of people
– Speaking within companies regarding products and services

I have a wealth of experience speaking to, training and selling to a wide variety of people from different industries.

That’s me for today. I am finishing up a WIDshop eBay design this afternoon. It is going to be fab!

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