Amazon Fulfillment Warehouse & Profit Sourcery Test

On the way to my Amazon fulfillment centre tour I picked up my Nike Swoosh Wristbands from the previous post Profit Sourcery – Make better purchasing decisions for Amazon.

A little fiddling with the pricing and verifying information to sell on Amazon I have now listed these:

Nike Swoosh Wristband – ONESIZE, University Blue/White

Now, I decided to use an EXISTING listing and not edit any of the details at all, even if they were missing. I am not listing as a consultant, I am listing as a normal person just starting out on Amazon. You normally start using catalogue data (for better or for worse….)


I did start this out at £13 but it seems that under my ‘individual’ selling account I can’t do free shipping so the price is £9.24 plus £4.48 shipping.

So lets calculate….

Price: £13.72
Amazon Fee: £3.37
Real Shipping Cost: £0.95
Packaging: £0.10 (well free because I already have packaging)
Item Cost: £3.99
Profit: £5.31

Gross Margin of 38.70% & Mark Up of 63.14% IF it sells of course. That is always the waiting game. Hmm…plenty of margin here so I am going to drop it a penny!!

On the flip side had a great time at the Amazon FC BHX, such a big and CLEAN warehouse. The tech is fab too! Next available dates are March 2016 for the tour so book now, it’s so popular!!

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Profit Sourcery – Make better purchasing decisions for Amazon

Last year I consulted on this product and was really excited not just for the intended purpose, but for the potential for research.

Want to trade on Amazon but not sure what to sell? We find the exact products you could sell at a 30 to 75%+

On logging into the system it is straight to business. Need to know things? Check our knowledge base, want to get down to it? Let find those products! It gives you two clear paths to follow.

I went straight to business, and because I love cosmetics I went straight to the beauty category. I know in my heart if I bought this item and it didn’t sell…well…I would just use it!


Checking the product on Amazon showed me the item at the price indicated by the system but alas..someone beat me to it…


This item was also for sale at a price I could not complete at.

Right, lets check another one! I am big into the Sports & Outdoor category so I went for that one next:


Oooh…looking more like a potential here..and what luck…the price had been slashed on the retailers site AND they have free pick up at a local store. Was it too good to be true? Was this item my perfect test case?



I found the system really easy to move around, and even if my first choice didn’t make the grade my second did. I chose by preference not profit. I know the beauty & sports sectors…I am comfortable with these.

So the challenge is on, I will pick this item up later and try to sell it via my personal Amazon account. Just straight to the ‘got one to sell’ link on this listing.


Follow Up: Amazon Fulfillment Warehouse & Profit Sourcery Test

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Starting a business from scratch! A REAL example….

sblogo…no get rich quick schemes here….more like get rich slowly with dedication & expertise! Sorry to burst that bubble but it actually takes years to build a successful multi-channel business.

Last year, I had the pleasure of starting a business from scratch for one of my clients. The brief was to set up a multichannel business using Channeladvisor which included eBay, Amazon & Tesco Marketplace.

The eBay & Amazon project with Channeladvisor launch cost £12000 over 11 months to produce a stable eBay, Amazon & Tesco marketplaces business from scratch. The client had no time or resource to dedicate to this start up so I set it up as though it was my own business. I was responsible for all tasks to set up the business.

The client is now adding new lines to further grow the business as the handover was in early January. I will be watching the success of this project closely!

This graph shows the progress of the account over the past 12 months. This client sells on Amazon, eBay & Tesco. Values omitted to protect client integrity.


I also managed the design project with a third party provider:


I am super excited to watch this business grow domestically in the hands of my client and then jump back in for international expansion in 2016. Over 3000 extra skus need to be added to this business so the second year of growth will be driven by product.

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The importance of training & research in ecommerce!

More often than not I am the *second* consultant. Most of my clients come to me broken & burnt looking for a solution to turn their business around or save their position. I do a LOT of rescue missions.

A lot of my clients wish they had known about me before they used XYZ ‘expert’ consultant. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, so is training.

When I want to develop a new skill I train. I find the BEST person in the industry and learn from them. I am currently training in advanced nail art from someone who has competed internationally at over 50 competitions, 12 x UK champion and 15 years experience. Why would I choose from the plethora of other educators when I could learn from the best?

E-commerce & marketplaces are funny though, only experience of running an eCommerce business can give you the skills you need. There are a lot of people out there who claim to be an expert, to the detriment of your business if you let them loose.

I contributed to this article by Web Retailer:

How to Choose an eBay Store and Listing Designer which outlines the process of choosing an eBay designer. You need to be just an thorough with choosing a consultant.

Some tips on choosing your consultant:

1. Did they ever run an ecommerce retail operation?

A good consultant in this industry learnt from the ground up. You need to have run the machine to know the machine.

2. Do they have over 5 years experience helping OTHER businesses online?

Running your own business is one thing, but setting up a different business for success is another. Businesses are NOT the same.

3. Do they have reviews? Like this:

Reviews and case studies are vital. I am going to spend this year building my up my case studies as I have done far too many ‘secret’ projects!!

4. Did you find then just via google or a personal recommendation?

I work with other third party providers, and most give a personal recommendation of my services. I am also present at many networking events & expositions so you can get to know me. I have been here a while and well known to many.

5. Are they telling you they can help you make easy money?

Making money is not easy. Get rich schemes are still very popular and mostly fail. One client I helped raise their game 97% in their first year & 60% in their second year took a lot of effort and time from both sides.

Last year I set up an eBay business from scratch, and it took 1 year with 153 listings (1000 skus) to produce a stable eBay business with an average selling price of £13. Businesses grow, they do not just appear.

Choose your consultant wisely, they can make or break your biz!

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Bespoke Channeladvisor Launch Services

I have been working with & creating successful businesses with the Channeladvisor Multichannel System for over 10 years. I now provide specific launch & support packages for Channeladvisor clients all over the globe.

It can be hard to integrate your business with a new system, but you can now take advantage of my expertise as a independent and experienced consultant.

Launch Packages
Tesco Marketplace Launch
Web Stores Launch (Shopify/BigCommerce)
Shopify/BigCommerce Design
Channeladvisor Digital Marketing
Channeladvisor International Expansion (English Speaking Marketplaces)

I also offer adhoc consultancy on the Channeladvisor system for £300 per day plus expenses. Let me help you succeed!

Drop me a line to discuss your business needs.

Phone: 07435 972407/01384 414770


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Fun with Shopify – the easiest e-commerce system in the WORLD

Well, I think it is! I had my first taste through the Hyundai Motorsport Shop but recently a client asked me for a quick set up using a template from the app store to re-launch his wholesale business. He wasn’t looking for a big spend to start but REALLY didn’t have the time to set everything up himself.

Wholesale (due to VAT) is a little trickier through Shopify but we got it down and launched this site and also sync’d with facebook (free app I might add) to add in some social shopping aspects.

Let me know if you want a quote for Shopify!

Shopify Shopping Cart Software – Start your FREE trial today!

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