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Every morning I sign for a package from for one of the guys in the office. Play have taken their lead from Amazon and launched Playtrade:

PlayTrade is the new way to make money selling your DVDs, CDs, Books, Games and more to the millions of customers who shop at As a PlayTrade seller, your products will appear for sale on the web site, giving you the benefits that only the UK’s largest entertainment online retailer can offer. We do all the advertising and merchandising, credit card processing and first-line customer care. All you need to do is decide on your price and send the products to the customers promptly.

Whether you have one or one million things to sell, listing them for sale at couldn’t be simpler. Our step-by-step guidelines will ensure that your products appear on the site within a matter of minutes, and the next time a customer comes to buy that item, they are given the option to buy it from you. We then process their order on your behalf and let you know where to send the product. Once you have sent it out, we pass the proceeds on to you.

Sifting though the news I came across the article eSellerPro plugs into PlayTrade. It seems the first third party system to do so. Go eSellerPro for being on the ball with new integrations!

What has eSellerPro got to say about themselves?

eSellerPro is a complete business management system that integrates the whole online sales process, simplifying and automating tasks such as inventory management, product listing and scheduling, sales order processing, payment and dispatch, customer communications and accounts posting, saving you time and money and leaving you free to concentrate on growing your business.

I happened on this news by chance and I fear it will be lost in the rubble as they don’t have a blog! Shame on you.

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