Profit Sourcery – Make better purchasing decisions for Amazon

Last year I consulted on this product and was really excited not just for the intended purpose, but for the potential for research.

Want to trade on Amazon but not sure what to sell? We find the exact products you could sell at a 30 to 75%+

On logging into the system it is straight to business. Need to know things? Check our knowledge base, want to get down to it? Let find those products! It gives you two clear paths to follow.

I went straight to business, and because I love cosmetics I went straight to the beauty category. I know in my heart if I bought this item and it didn’t sell…well…I would just use it!


Checking the product on Amazon showed me the item at the price indicated by the system but alas..someone beat me to it…


This item was also for sale at a price I could not complete at.

Right, lets check another one! I am big into the Sports & Outdoor category so I went for that one next:


Oooh…looking more like a potential here..and what luck…the price had been slashed on the retailers site AND they have free pick up at a local store. Was it too good to be true? Was this item my perfect test case?



I found the system really easy to move around, and even if my first choice didn’t make the grade my second did. I chose by preference not profit. I know the beauty & sports sectors…I am comfortable with these.

So the challenge is on, I will pick this item up later and try to sell it via my personal Amazon account. Just straight to the ‘got one to sell’ link on this listing.


Follow Up: Amazon Fulfillment Warehouse & Profit Sourcery Test

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