SEO Keyword Ranking Experiment Results

– 7th June 2007 Experiment Started 10th May


cybergoth: 10th

cyber goth: 38th


Cybergoth: 2nd

Cyber Goth: 5th

Cybergoth: 6th – Up 30 places to the front page!

Cyber Goth 100th – First time site is actually included

Cybergoth: 6th

Cyber Goth 34th up 11 places

As you can see the results are proving positive. Most section of the Hairfreax site being brought up in these listings have the keyword in the HTML title of the page and mentioned at least once in the text on the page. So within a month I have achieved suitable ranking for the keyword cybergoth, and my ranking for the more difficult keyword ‘cyber goth’ is improving as now the inclusions are not references to the site they are actual listings. Google as always is the beast to tame, but I think now I can leave it to time and a schedule of regular updates to the blog and gallery which have been the highest performers in the keyword ranking.

You should always have a gallery or blog on the main domain  as it will optimise your website that sells your product. Movers and shakers in the world of SEO keep reminding us that google is going to put less emphasis on blog links, but its not about the page rank, its about your customers finding you in this mess we all love and hate at the same time.

Long live the hyper web! Updates to this experiment will be less frequent now on the cybergoth keyword, but I will keep track if time is more of a factor in the more popular keyword ‘cyber goth’

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