Should eBay design be responsive? Ecommerce Tarot – Let the Cards Decide!

We have another question for the cards today! I mean this question is a big ‘hell yeah’ from me – however lets see what the cards have to say about this one!

I shall keep on the pathway spread as it is easier to digest and explain than the other spreads with more cards, and more in-depth than just a one card draw.

So lets shuffle and ask away!

Question: Does responsive eBay design drive more sales?

1. The Issue – Page of Stones * Lynx

Be aware of the effects of everything you do. The Lynx is swift and cunning and so must you be. It is time to be a little more of a predator and protect your business.

2. Action to Avoid – Page of Vessels * Otter

You need to avoid past loyalties and a williness to serve others. You serve yourself and your own business. Your eBay designer can’t do responsive design? They have been your designer for years? Not a time to hang around and play fair.

3. Action to Take – Seven of Vessels * Mourning

Mourning begins the progress of recovery after failure. It is time to shed the skin of the past and look to the future. See potential where others only see barriers. Apply all you have learned through past experiences and put that to good use. You know your customers, you know how they shop – break away and reap the rewards of the future.

Well in short, forget those faithful old designers who try to tell YOU what your customers need. Don’t let them tell you ‘nobody shops with their mobile on eBay’ because we know that over 50% of transactions are touched by mobile. I personally have not made a transaction on the eBay desktop site for 4 years….not a single flipping one. If you ARE going down the design route you need to keep with the times. Don’t invest in old tech!!

In addition, make sure you use ALL the item specifics available to you with eBay’s values, filters mean more on mobile and don’t end up as ‘not specified’. Use your 12 free picture slots, they look great in the app and answer 99.9% of questions.


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