Sportsbubble Building A Business from Scratch Interview

Recently I did an interview with Andy from Webretailer about the Sportsbubble Project and it has now gone live:

Not Just Clearance: How UK Sports Warehouse Built SportsBubble

So I caught up with Elizabeth Hitchins, an experienced ecommerce consultant who has been working with UKSW for a number of years. Elizabeth had the job of building a whole new sports brand for UKSW. This is the story of how she created SportsBubble, and the ups and downs of launching it as a new business on multiple online marketplaces.

Start your business today! It can be done!

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Taking Advantage of a Niche….Its all about the little guys..

Most of my business ideas, customers and favourite clients at my main work place have been targeting niche markets. Reading this post from eTailology gave up a few nice reads about marketing successfully to a niche.
This article by Volusion – Increase Your Online Sales by Marketing to a Niche gives up three things to make you ‘go niche’

1. You can attract more customers to your site by specializing your marketing campaigns. By having such a very specialized site, you can focus any ads you create for a specific sector of people. You’re also more likely to have a specific set of keywords that will indicate to search engines exactly what is on your site. This can help you achieve a higher page rank.

2. You can gear both the content and the design of the site to better close your sale. Rather than combing through all sorts of different types of products, the content on your site will better match what the consumer was looking for in the first place. You can even design the site better because your niche has a common interest for you to base it on.

3. You can spend less money on marketing because you have fewer competitors. Rather than working harder and competing with an already saturated market, work smarter to gain loyal customers who have a specific need or interest.

With my Hairfreax site I found point one to be very true. Once I got going and selected around 10 keywords to use the search engine optimisation was easy to achieve for my niche market. With point two, its still mainly in progress, the design that is. I am planning heavy payment integrations and streamlining the product range over the Christmas period, and design will come last. But with the launch of Gothfreax, I am doing just that! I spend less that £20 a month of advertising, and my biggest sales month to date was without advertising.

Pure optimisation fall out paid for my holiday.
Another good article is from Etail Dtail – an introduction to online marketing for new online sellers. covering affiliate marketing, SEO, pay per click on both search engines and shopping comparison, banner exchanges and promotional discounts. I would recommend reading this post if you are new to marketing your e-commerce store online.

The website I am currently working on is a very niche market, in fact I have two projects running one off my own back for a small business in Birmingham and one within work for an existing client. I imagine I will blog about the trials and tribulations of niche SEO, and report of the results achieved by various techniques.

I should write an article ‘An E-commerce Store from Start to SEO‘ as a guide for new etailers, as its something I seem to be doing and refining everyday. Consider it a working title.

The man behind eTailology has this website ‘Better Coffee‘ which I will show to my colleges at work (think J-pod by Douglas Coupland) as the amount of fresh filtered coffee brewed in our office is suicidal.

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