Going to Channeladvisor Catalyst? Need an eBay design? WIN ONE!

Oh yes, we are GIVING AWAY a full professional widshop eBay design with a years subscription worth up to £3300, which means it doesn’t matter if you have 500 listings or 10,000 the prize is the same (subscription price is based on volume)

All you need to do is spot us (Widshop by Createyourtemplate) during networking breaks (it is not hard, we have a massive dark blue stand with eBay designs all over it), speak to us and give us your business card. JUST for speaking to us there is sherbet, chocolates and haribo so it’s worth it just for that 🙂

Plus we are pretty nice and like talking about eBay!

The team this year is 4 strong, we have Mathias, Patrick, Larissa and myself. We are a true international company as you can speak to us in Spanish, Russian, German, English and maybe a bit of elementary Japanese and French too!

Of course, if you are really keen on languages and business you should visit our pals at Intercultural elements who always have a good supply of stroop waffles.


Here are two ‘sunny’ widshop eBay designs for you to look at:




*Competition only for Catalyst attendees who visit our booth and give us a business card. Terms and Conditions apply. Draw will be done at 4pm on the second day of the event by an independent party.

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Why you should sponsor Channeladvisor Catalyst…

I did think about writing what was learnt at CA catalyst this year, but as Tamebay do this already – I thought I would put my sponsor head on and detail for potential new sponsors why Createyourtemplate has bothered these past 3 years 🙂

1. The food – you are always fed ‘n’ watered well as a sponsor and attendee at Channeladvisor events. This year we had more time for the feeding process (which so happened to be in the room with all the sponsors) so as people eat they like to talk, so potential clients will wander round with their coffee chatting to other attendees and to the sponsors.

2. Other third party providers – Catalyst is always good to catch up with our fellow third party providers and competitors (Grrrrr…arrrrg) to see how they are fairing in business and exchange experiences.

In the Channeladvisor world the third party provider space is not that huge, so we all get to know one another. When you have a network of trusted service providers you can recommend to your existing clients, we all bounce off one another. Even companies who on the face of it are direct competitors, are not normally carbon copies of each other. They can offer and lend services so that the client gets what they need.

3. Other third party providers, that don’t sponsor also attend the event – I negotiated a nice deal and introduction to a newer marketplace (playtrade) that would suit the direction one of my clients is taking. He will be happy with this 🙂

4. Potential clients – it’s why us sponsors go really, to get business. The good thing with potential and current ChannelAdvisor clients is that they are pre qualified. When you are speaking to a potential they are interested in moving forward and contracting a company to make this happen.

5. Networking – Talking e-commerce with a few free alcoholic beverages in you is fun. You meet new friends and clients in a more relaxed atmosphere.

6. Ideas – potential clients are brimming with ideas, information and enthusiasm after all the seminars and speakers. They are in the MOOD, and ready to make waves with the help of us sponsors perhaps?

7. CA Staff – I spoke to lots of CA staff, to catch up with personally and to speak about clients. Lots of new introductions too. I had a demo of their new ‘salesforce’ offering which a client of mine wants us to integrate in his store and eBay design. I also got a pair of fresh eyes on a clients SearchAdvisor account because it is driving sales and traffic to a store designed by us. We want the store to be excellent in all things and we take conversion very seriously 🙂

Well that is what as a sponsor and eBay/E-commerce design company, CA catalyst means to me.

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Createyourtemplate, Channeladvisor Catalyst and Pimp my Shop

Mathias and I under the Createyourtemplate banner moseyed on down to ChannelAdvisor Cataylst at Vinopolis in London.One of the features of Catalyst was a ‘pimp my shop’ session for ChannelAdvisor Stores, taking an existing CA customer with no current design. So let me run through the features of our tender:

sockslogo.jpg Running down the design we start with the logo, branding is very important to a customer. Its something they recognise and trust. A consistent branding is essential so even though this is a design for the ChannelAdvisor Store, this design will also translate to eBay. We pushed the fact that the seller sold socks and underwear in this logo design, making a clear distinction between the main product types.


The top navigation was designed to hone in on the popular categories of products and also provide extra navigation for the customer. This tender design was based on the socks category page to show the kind of detail and functionality you can have with a CYT (Createyourtemplate) design.


The seller was famous for his branded socks and underwear, especially in the children’s cartoon sector. This scrolling character sorter provides a very visual link between the products and the characters. shopbyc.jpg

We also implemented a further shop by character, in the left hand side navigation. You find that when you are shopping for items you do place some recognition on a brand logo, in this case a cartoon character but you might also know exactly what you are looking for so using this further character search will refine your choice.




Being still a fan of the ‘above the fold’ concept, and customers need to be able to find the main product they are looking for on the page without scrolling. The socks by size and type product sorter is placed above the fold to enable the customer to effectively navigate to their desired product. You might notice also a test location path so the customer knows where they are in the grand scheme of the site. In the main content of the page you will also find sorters for children’s socks:


Teaser sections to promote key products are great for promotion of your best items, as with all CYT designs we like clients to be independent of us when we have finished the designs. The designs can be easily edited to change various sections and text within the design. This would be an example of an ever changing section within the design.


Your basic left hand side navigation is a standard. Our navigation sections are dynamic….

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MarketplaceAdvisor? Your kidding right?

It seems that the overly unnecessary re-branding of Marketworks has now happened. Marketworks is now MarketplaceAdvisor so I am now wondering if MarketplaceAdvisor will follow the same flow as ChannelAdvisor Merchant some time in the future? No functionality has changed as far as I can see, but I am hoping for the imminent release of a bulk upload/assign function for eBay attributes as it is very tiresome in its current state.

Well, it will be something I will be asking at ChannelAdvisor Catalyst in April, in which Mathias and I will be manning the createyourtemplate booth (shameless link to the UK site, as that’s my bit)

I have not written much this month as I have been working with a large construction company (currently part of the Olympics Stadium carnage) on the second stage of their employee review Intranet database driven site. Lots of usability studies (so how DO you get an ageing foreman to use a computer, let alone submit and on-line review after their appraisal?) data analysis, support and communicating with their developers from Spain.

February marks the start of my Open University course, which I am very excited about as I have been doing some hands on development work recently!

Once my life has slowed down again a bit, I shall be back commenting on the e-commerce world in as dry a manner as possible, as well as new theories and probably lots of code snippets from my course!

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