Forgot to give some love to ChannelAdvisor and Buyforless…

Dan from buyforlessonline is now a youtube star with Channeladvisors YouTube Channel:

Buy For Less Online are an online retailer of toys based in the Midlands near Birmingham. Managing Director, Dan Aston, considers ChannelAdvisor to be one of his most reliable employees, stating the system easily does the work of three or four people. During peak times such as Christmas, Buy For Less Online process around 3,000 orders per day and state they would not be able to do this without ChannelAdvisor.

Createyourtemplate design the background, eBay shop/template and basic CA store.

March’s case study is already up!

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Translating Marketworks

Marketworks is not for the faint hearted or easily confused. Its array of dependant quirks can drive a person mad.

Top Marketworks Tip:

Once you are halfway though setting up your account and inventory go back to settings>accounts> ‘ebay account’ and take a look though those setting again. The choices are far too wide for when you first set up your account, but mid way, once you have fathomed exactly what you want to do go back and suddenly it all makes sense.

Marketworks is a better system than it was 12 months ago but still not a patch off the functionality of Channeladvisor. If the Channeladvisor pricing works for your business then don’t delay, but if it doesn’t….a little time and patience with Marketworks and you can get it to do your bidding.

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Wonders will never cease – ChannelAdvisor Aquires Marketworks

The two titans in the eBay auction management and e-commerce total solutions world collide:
ChannelAdvisor Acquires Marketworks Combination cements ChannelAdvisor as top e-commerce channel management solution provider..

The press release says:

Richmond, UK – September 12, 2007 – ChannelAdvisor, the leading provider of e-commerce channel management solutions, announced today it has acquired Marketworks, a leader in marketplace management software and services.

“Acquiring Marketworks solidifies our leadership position and reinforces our commitment to the marketplace segment,” says Scot Wingo, Chief Executive Officer of ChannelAdvisor. “We will continue to evaluate other opportunities in this and other e-commerce channel segments as they arise.”

“Marketworks is excited to join forces with ChannelAdvisor,” says Doug Hadaway, Chief Executive Officer of Marketworks. “This partnership will lead to great things for both company’s customers and partners.”

So as the two giants in the UK have become one they should become an enormous force for eBay traders in the UK. I hope to see a mid range eBay automation solution which sits under ChannelAdvisor Merchant, on a more Marketworks level of pricing with the fantastic functionality and reliability (and simplicity, Marketworks does crazy things to your vision) of ChannelAdvisor.

Stay tuned!

More news here: Channeladvisor buys Marketworks and on AuctionBytes

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Shopping Feed Management for the Small Business

I had an email from Merchant Advantage and they wanted to put their software on my radar screen as an product feed management platform for the small to medium sized business. There product Channel Management Lite only costs $145 (£73) a month and has no transaction fees and no set up costs. This offering can take the data from any storefront or website and push it to various marketplaces for you including Amazon and various shopping comparison sites such as shopzilla and google base. This is not an eBay listing tool, but it provides analytics so you can track the best and worst selling products.

P.S If you are looking for eBay bulk listing tools or total solutions try:

ChannelAdvisor (great for £25K+ GMS per month businesses)
Marketworks (Small to Medium size Businesses, less monthly fixed fee than channeladvisor but higher transactional fees – they did have reliability issues around a year ago so check on the uptime guarantee)

Those are the only real players in the UK marketplace at the moment for eBay automation. But if anyone wants to email any others for me to look at I’d love to see what they have got!

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Why I love channeladvisor today…

As an automated ebay listing and website storefront system channeladvisor is pretty hot.

Channeladvisor has made my life easier today because:

1. You can get a full export of all of your inventory – all that hard work exported in excel.
2. You can export all customer information (and see if they have opted in to your newsletter or not) for email marketing campaigns.
3. PayPal payments pro and express integration done for you. I still can’t do the paypal payments pro integration on my own website, but I will! Roll on Cubecart 4
4. Automatic feeds to Google Base and Shopzilla
5. Integration with Google Analytics using the e-commerce functionality too (so you can see what leads actually generate complete sales)
6. Export of all sales, all in one go.

That is why I love ChannelAdvisor today.

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