FootballShopOnline is the 203rd Best eBay Seller in the UK!

My client FootballShopOnline has entered the polls again, this time with eBay!

All this is according to the statistics by Webretailer:

They beat Tesco & The Hut Group outlets with their performance on eBay. A few of my past clients are also up there too.

They rank is 894th in the WORLD and 203rd in the UK. They were also in the top 1000 Amazon sellers worldwide polls earlier this year.

It’s also great to see past clients from Germany, UK & US also feature on these lists!

I work as needed in marketplace businesses so sometimes clients only need me for a few months but I have been working with FootballshopOnline actively for 3 years to really drive their sales forward.

So if you want this to be YOU one day…drop me a line!

01384 414770 or

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