FootballShopOnline is the 203rd Best eBay Seller in the UK!

My client FootballShopOnline has entered the polls again, this time with eBay!

All this is according to the statistics by Webretailer:

They beat Tesco & The Hut Group outlets with their performance on eBay. A few of my past clients are also up there too.

They rank is 894th in the WORLD and 203rd in the UK. They were also in the top 1000 Amazon sellers worldwide polls earlier this year.

It’s also great to see past clients from Germany, UK & US also feature on these lists!

I work as needed in marketplace businesses so sometimes clients only need me for a few months but I have been working with FootballshopOnline actively for 3 years to really drive their sales forward.

So if you want this to be YOU one day…drop me a line!

01384 414770 or

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If you enable best offer on eBay, use it PROPERLY!

My new obsession is photographaphy. I have cobbled together a mid range DSLR camera from older models & used stuff on eBay.

I bought my Lumix G1 on best offer. I went in low, seller countered…I accepted. It is how it goes.

So, on shopping around for a lens I saw a great one at a good price on best offer. Went in sensible….nothing. In fact nothing for over 24hrs. So I messaged to see if they were going to accept or reject my offer, counter offer etc? Did they need me to poke them? Already I was NOT feeling this seller. Lenses are expensive items.

They did get back to me and said:

We can’t accept your offer.

The offer is still in my account, not rejected so I replied with this:

In order to get the best out of eBay’s best offer functionality you are supposed to counter offer to the buyer for consideration. If you are not going to use this properly, don’t use the functionality and disable it from your listings. It doesn’t create a good experience for the buyer as they then are hanging around NOT buying your items. You can set up automated accept/reject rules.

What the seller didn’t realise is that I would have bought this item at the full asking price. Best offer suggests they will take LESS so I always use it. I would have accepted a counter offer, even if it was £2 cheaper!

But what does this tell me about this seller?

1. They don’t know how to use the eBay functions they enable. What ELSE don’t they know about? Do they understand distance selling regulations? My right to return or dispute? How to package up an item safely?

2. They ignore customers. Which means I will have to wait the full length for refunds, questions and for a high value item this just stinks of ‘pain in the ass’.

They were a local seller so I was going to buy more accessories from them, maybe visit their shop. However, their first impression SUCKED so I won’t be buying from them. They have competitors.

See how easy it is to lose a customer?

Right, still want that lens….lets find another seller!

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Research and Define an eBay Strategy – Coffee Machines Example

Research is essential to finding your eBay Strategy. I use Terapeak for product research but you need clear and simple steps:

Strategy Report for a Company Selling Coffee Machines

eBay Keyword Suggestions:


Coffee Machine
Drinks Machine
Coffee Maker
Drinks Station
Coffee Station

Current Advertising Campaign: No press release since Nov 2006 – USA

Terapeak Results:

Coffee Machine:

Top Days: Sunday, Monday and Thursday
Best Duration: 7 days
Format: Auctions 1875 sold in 90 days, Fixed Price: 470, Store: 66
Times of Day between 10am and 10 pm peaking between 7 and 10pm
Best Categories: Home and Garden, Business and Office
Essential Features: Gallery

Drinks Machine:

Top Days: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday
Best Duration: 7 days
Best Format: Auctions 244, Fixed Price: 37, Store: 7
Times of day 9am and 11pm peaking between 7pm and 9pm
Category: Business and Office
Essential Features: Gallery

Junes Statistics:

GMS: £349.27
eBay Fee: £95.95
Close Rate: 7%

Price Comparison:

Coffee Machines – Best Price and Availability for Brand £79.99 – £222

First I always use the power of Google. Googles external keyword tool will give you a set of keywords and you can check the search volume. I always trust in the fact we are creatures of habit and only really search in one way, so product trends on Google will be close to that of eBay. Unless anyone out there searches really differently on eBay and Google. I certainly don’t!

Once you have some basic keyword with a higher search volume, you can pop these into Terapeak. Now, Terapeak wil give you a nice summary, but make sure you expand the selections as sometimes the ‘average’ lies somewhat and you need to take a human view of the data.

Take a look at your pricing in relation to what has sold. Try to pick our items that are doing well, for examples Bathroom Stuff. Taps are ten a penny and the prices are low. Buy glass scales, bathroom mirrors and vanity basins are fetching decent prices and selling well. So if you were a bathroom retailer you would place your glass scales, mirrors and vanity basins on the core marketplace (auction and fixed price) and your other items in your eBay shop as cheap listings. It is very easy to loose money in fee’s on eBay if you don’t keep a tight watch on your marketplace.

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