Ebay Sellers can not leave negative feedback….

or even neutral for that matter. I know this is old news and I have held back comments, but it seems that sellers are suffering cheeky buyers, who can get them kicked off eBay with two sales, even if they leave a neutral. Strike that, there is no neutral, it is the same a negative.

I imagined that buyer would not really know this for a while, but as I came to leave feedback for some items eBay popped up and told me.

Sellers can no longer leave negative or neutral Feedback for buyers.
Buyers should leave honest Feedback without the fear of receiving negative or neutral ratings

and its is a permanent message at the top of my feedback page.

As a seller, I will just not leave feedback until positive is received, it has been something I have been doing since the beginning, not so I could leave a negative feedback, so I would not feel a fool by leaving positive feedback when a buyer plays up. It has not happened very often, but when they play up they really play up. I like the denial of receiving the item, even though it was tracked and the royal mail says so…which in turn prevents refund. So an angry buyer leaves a negative to ‘serve me right’ for not giving in.

You can still file non paying bidders, which is fine, but they are not usually the biggest problem.

That is why I don’t rely on eBay for my business, really a lot any more and I encourage my clients to open up various other channels to market.

I still love eBay, but it makes it so hard….

I am busy with my Open University course at present, but the next eBay design lesson will be about Javascript in eBay.

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eBay Trust and Safety Get Serious – neutrals are now negatives!

Seriously complicated that it is. I have been reading all about the new trust and safety policy seeming to suggest that now neutrals are classed as negatives on Scot Wingos Blog. He has now followed up on this article with more information.

eBay’s Chatter has tried to clear up the issue:

Q: Are you now considering a neutral a negative? If so, why continue to have neutral feedback?

A: No, itís more accurate to say that we treat neutral feedback as not positive. For instance, neutral comments alone do not trigger an SNP action. There is a negative feedback threshold of two which neutral comments do not count towards.

BUT also in the article:

There are two thresholds we use to determine which restrictions are most appropriate. Most sellers who fall into a category of SNP enforcement are there due to feedback rates, so Iíll use those in my examples.

Greater than 5% buyer dissatisfaction rate: A seller must have more than 5% negative and neutral feedback, as a seller, over the last 90 days to qualify, and must also receive a minimum of two negatives from unique buyers in the past 90 days.

Greater than 10% buyer dissatisfaction rate: A seller must have more than 10% negative and neutral feedback, as a seller, over the last 90 days to qualify, and must also receive a minimum of three negatives from unique buyers in the past 90 days.

There are different restrictions (described below) for buyer dissatisfaction rates of greater than 5%, and greater than 10%, and for low-volume sellers.

So restrictions are placed on ‘buyer dissatisfaction over the last 90 days’ which includes negative and neutrals.

Oh but there is more, there are ‘groups’ of sellers:

Low-volume sellers: Low-volume sellers are those with no more than 2 negative feedback, no neutral feedback, and less than $3000 sales volume over a 90-day period, would typically receive a 14-day full selling restriction. After the 14-day period has passed, selling privileges will be automatically reinstated. (As with all selling restrictions, the seller can continue to bid and communicate.)

Higher-volume sellers: For sellers who are not low-volume sellers ( Edit: Is that not why they are called high volume sellers?) and who have a buyer dissatisfaction rate of greater than 5% (but less than 10%), the restriction is a reduction in sales volume. Sellers will be able to continue selling and listing items, up to 75% of their historical weekly volume based on their rolling 90 day history of completed sales. (This is based on dollar sales volume, not on number of items sold.) We manually review restricted accounts after 30 days to determine if there has been improvement in their satisfaction rates. If a sellerís buyer dissatisfaction rate is brought down to less than 5%, the restriction will be lifted. If the buyer dissatisfaction rate remains greater than 5%, the sales volume will continue to be reduced. Additionally, sellers whose performance substantially worsens during this restriction period may be subject to more significant consequences.

Sellers who incur a buyer dissatisfaction rate of greater than 10%, with at least three unique negative feedback, will receive a full selling restriction. – Edit:Yeah, this is OK 3 strikes and your out. The only bit that make sense!

OK, so as a low volume seller myself, and lets face it there are alot of us that make up eBay, how am I supposed to track my rolling 90 day customer dissatisfaction rate to make sure I am not going over 5%? Will sellers have a ‘buyer dissatisfaction meter’ in myeBay?

Negative/neutral feedback activity and Item Not Received rate is used to determine level of buyer dissatisfaction, sellers need a method to track their performance as this is getting a very sensitive issue.

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Royal mail saved by ebay – ebay destroyed by royal mail….

The afternoon update on the industrial action is bad news for ebayers. I always found on bank holidays and strike days the post went ‘missing’ more often than not. I hope sellers and buyers alike are going to be patient as the ebaying public can be very vicious at times!
With the floods and strikes I half expect ebay.co.uk will go into meltdown. Or the postage prices will go up and we shall all be using fedex!

We are hugely disappointed to report that the CWU has announced a series of strikes over the two-week period beginning at 7pm on Wednesday 25th July 2007 and ending at 12 noon on Wednesday 8th August. The action will not take place on a national basis but at different Royal Mail sites, at different times, across the country.

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