Dear eBay, your new view item page is a failure….

as now customers ask MORE questions about shipping prices to other countries as they never seem to see or use your snazzy new shipping tab at the top of the description.

And no, even though this is explained in sellers F.A.Q’s before they ask a question, it is often ignored. I wonder how many people ACTUALLY read them. It was not an issue with it was displayed at the bottom of the listing.

Sometimes your new iframe doesn’t load up either so they don’t get to see a description.

Don’t you think about useablity?

Kind Regards,

A frustrated eBay consultant.

*that what I would write if I thought they would listen. Anyone else see an increase in this type of question?

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InterCultural Elements – Get your business to Europe!

At channeladvisor catalyst we spoke to many great sponsors with a unique business offering. Now that the Euro is closing in on the Pound, selling to Europe will become a more attractive prospect for eBay sellers. Once you have sorted a deal with your shipipng provider, how do you effectivly communicate with ebayers that don’t speak your language?

In come InterCultural Elements:

Cultural subtleties and the technical nature of products and services demand cultural expertise and industry know-how to communicate accurately. You need quality translation from experts who combine:

* cultural expertise
* industry know-how
* knowledge of online selling

to ensure your online presence is both appealing and technically accurate.

No only will they work to translate your inventory, but advise on how you actually expand into different countries with an understanding of the differences in culture and infrastructure.

These guys also work with ChannelAdvisor, and will take your English language account, and translate it in the your desired language and set it up for you.

This is going to work very well with the Createyourtemplate multi-lingual eBay shop capabilities, as we don’t translate but provide the technology!

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Redundancy and Back to online selling basics

Redundancy just before Christmas is not pleasant as the job market is not at its best, specially if you have had no warning.

As well as training to be an eBay education specialist I have secured consultancy and web development in the last few weeks of December to take me though to January.

In pure on-line entrepreneurial fashion I have been building up my web business ( practising what I preach) to its highest level yet and it continues to grow. Over the Christmas period I am going to be organising an eBay January Sale. I plan to make 900 with excess materials and stock hoarded over the years!

I shall also spend the time re-designing my ebay shop!

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Increase your eBay Velocity by Diversity

eBay is a diverse marketplace, and the only way to survive sometimes is to be diverse. Consider eBay a huge jumble sale. If you sell taps and bathroom accessories for example. Don’t corner yourself into this highly competitive category. Do your homework and try out some different home and garden related items such as tools, kitchen accessories and other household items. Think of your retail examples, the large players like B & Q stay at the top of their game by being a complete resource for your home and garden. Be on the constant look out for new suppliers and new trends as the ever shifting eBay marketplace is a fickle monster. Never let your product range stagnate.

In the words of Bruce ‘eBay’ Lee:

Empty your warehouse, be formless, shapeless–like water.
Now you put water into a auction, it becomes the auction,
You put water into a shop listing, it becomes the shop listing,
You put it in a new category, it becomes the category.
Now water can *flow* or it can *crash*!
Be water, my seller.

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