New eBay Design Series for 2013!

Way back when in 2007 I detailed about advanced eBay design, some eBay design firms that are still in operation today tell me that’s how they started…from my guides. Did I create a monster? Well, I am going to do it again.

I am setting up my own retail operation for launch in the summer and I will detail MY eBay design process. It will be quite simple as technology has moved on SO much that I will only be creating a simple eBay template and store header. Plus my store won’t have THAT many lines, just big on variations so the cross sells can be hardcoded searches and for starters a category navigation WON’T be needed. It will also be mobile friendly and responsive. I am having fun with responsive web designs so I will translate this to a simple eBay listing template and ‘stack’ for mobile screens.

I am not a designer, I work WITH designers and eBay design companies that are FANTASTIC at what they do. This design/coding series will be aimed at those on their first steps with eBay design and eBay as a business BEFORE investment in professional design is sensible.

This is a DIY series, I offer no support. If you want to invest in professional eBay design you can contact me and we can have a proper discussion.

Watch this space!

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Shameless self promotion – Widshop eBay Design Examples!

Mathias and I were on the promotion trail on Wednesday speaking to our key partners about Widshops. So I thought I would share two new examples of the Widshop product from two different design perspectives.

Even though widshop is designed and developed around a set frame designs can still look very different.

My first example is:

zendago ebay shop design
Click image to see the large version

This is a clean professional design within our standard frame and my current favourite:

Click image to see the large version

…which is the other end of the spectrum design wise but still around the same framework.

You don’t need to have ‘just three’ banners on the homepage, it can be one large image or a series of smaller banners (we don’t recommend more than 6 as they will get a bit too small)

The side navigation is driven in real time by the attributes you use to list to ebay so you never have empty results.

These are the live stores:

Included in the standard package is:

  • Adaptable homepage
  • Dynamic search
  • Adaptable product view
  • Integration of custom pages
  • Category filter navigation
  • Cross-selling galleries
  • Full text search
  • Social Bookmarks
  • eBay integration

and this is a eBay certified application which is very important 🙂

More info and examples are on the website

People always ask me the difference and eBay design makes, and a good one at that and I always say that you can make up loads of reasons why an eBay design such as this is good. But our clients see a significant uplift in sales. That is what it is all about in the end, return on investment.

Widshops with a bit of tweaking can also be used on your facebook page….but this is a secret at the moment 🙂

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eBay Design 3.0 – Widshops the New Generation of eBay Shop and Listing Template Design

Well as promised full details of our new eBay design service…


Some might say we are ‘late to market’ with now providing a solution for the SME market but we decided not to rush. We wanted to be ahead of the game and provide something that is intuitive and very ‘now’ in relation to how the world of e-commerce is progressing. We wanted to look forward with our design innovations like with our premium service eBay designs. We want you to be future proof!

Widshops is an affordable ebay design solution (set up and design around £1500) but it provides all the look and feel of a professional stream lined shopping experience. It carries a subscription cost based on number of listings (

The key features are:

  • Fast – Your new template delivered quickly
  • Easy – only the best features show up in your shop
  • Economical – Sales increase, costs decrease
  • Optimised – HTML template also works on iPhone and iPad
  • Compatible – works with all eBay listing and sales management tools
  • Professional – Project managers at your side

The best bits are:

Category and filter navigation just like on the eBay platform

We filled an important technical gap with the eBay category and filter navigation. eBay® customers are already familiar with the intuitive filter navigation. This is now available with WIDshop in your eBay® storefront as well.

WIDshop navigation sorts your items out in real time and automatically recognises in which eBay® categories, and with which items specifics they have been listed. Through this, the WIDshop generates a navigation that displays all of your eBay® categories and item specifics filters. This way, your customers can search by category and filter the results according to items specifics. Your customers will easily and comfortably be able to find the right size, colour or material! You are thereby significantly enhancing your customers’ shopping experience!

Sell more with clever cross-selling

Every eBay® customer who clicks onto one of your products is very interested in buying. You keep your customer in your shop by using clever cross-selling. For this purpose, WIDshop makes a product gallery available to you which automatically presents similar products from the same eBay® category. This way your customer sees, for example, additional t-shirts, CDs from the same music genre, more hard drives or different trainers. The WIDshop cross-selling gallery can also work with customised rules based on item specifics or keywords, if desired. We would be happy to advise you.

Reach more customers with Facebook etc.

By linking the WIDshop to Facebook and Twitter, your customers can inform their friends that they like your storefront. You benefit from this additional marketing channel, which increases the popularity of your storefront and thus, the number of your clients.

The list of search results for a positive shopping experience

The most important thing about search results is their speed. Not only have we made the WIDshop search very fast. We have also made it look appealing and incorporated a few added features for your customers, such as wish lists or the display of the item condition. The search results are compiled and loaded anew in the navigation and filters after each click. This way, your customers always have an overview and can find their way easily and quickly through storefronts, even with a larger selection of items.

Integration of custom pages

All custom pages such as the legal notice, etc., that you’ve created as personal pages in your eBay® storefront can be easily accessed through the navigation and are displayed in your storefront design. This way, the entire storefront features your corporate design.
You can also easily manage and update your custom pages in your eBay® account. Therefore, the WIDshop works like a small editing system.

So feel free to quiz me or comment on our new service and watch our for the discount code worth £250 in the 2012 Tamebay Tools and Services Guide

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New contenders in the eBay design space…

Lots of new eBay shop/listing designers popping up so here is a list of the new finds:
– no examples yet, do you have one? – a few basic eBay design examples. – more ‘advanced’ look. for basic store/listing design.

eBay design seems to be the new thing to do…

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eBay New Stores Experience Promise

Right then, so my mind is in tip top condition for Catalyst with respects to the latest and greatest developments in eBay store design I am finally this weekend going to convert that Hairfreax PSD into a matching store frame on the new stores experience.

Promising full store compliance lets look at the key rules broken in the last store design:

Externalised CSS

Oh yes, I am guilty so all the css will now be held within the design pages, which is a right pain if you have to update your css as every page would need to be changed. A step back in coding evolution from eBay…

Using eBay’s own ID or class based rules

OK, so again I manipulated eBays css id’s and classes. Changing them is their prerogative and I will steer clear and make up my own funky names for things. Prepare for the ridiculous.

Basically, the new store will be a nice HTML based frame with the eBay gunk in the middle. I will bust my buttons to make sure the category pages also have this frame so the design is not splash-psge-esq. If I have to jump backwards and not externalise CSS I’m not taking another giant leap backwards by splash paging.

I’ll leave the splash pages to marketing freaks.

I am going to go backwards on this one a little, providing the full code up front then working backwards and breaking it down step by step. I know there are hungry bunnies out there wanting their next eBay design project fix and my time is limited so I want to concentrate on the bulk of the task in hand.

I will update on Saturday with how far I have got. As always the code and crappy images I create will be all free free free, and I won’t even ask you to link back or credit. I would just like see your eBay shop for your take on the framework!

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eBay Design Wars Part Deux…..

There has been quite a lot of heat on designers about the new store experience, and some designers don’t seem to be fairing well.

Here is a round up of the story so far:

Frooition/Createmystore (Yeah, they look like the same company to me too so they get lumped as one) are going to charge an upgrade fee. There has been discontentment over the fact that stores were not compliant with ebay policy previously but with the upgrade they will be. Estimate cost for a basic design £50-£100 per store in addition to the £17.95 subscription pcm fee.

Currently no other stores which I imagine will be affected listed in this post have come under fire in how they will handle the new situation but as they arise with information I will add them to this post.

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