Welcome to 2016 Ecommerce Tarot Predictions

It has been a while, but Happy New Year regardless.

Last year I contributed to the Webretailer Predictions for 2015 and I was pretty close. This years predictions has 50 expert ecommerce voices!!

My words of wisdom were:

More Traditional Retailers Will Turn to Ecommerce

In 2016 I expect a large migration to ecommerce from smaller more traditional retailers, due to consumers abandoning bricks-and-mortar shops for online stores on Black Friday. Successful business will rely more and more on user research and user experience to stay ahead of the game. I think we will see quite big improvements in how we shop online.

In the spirit of fun I will draw again to the mysterious art of Tarot, as I did last year to reach into the depths of my eCommerce psyche…

Question: What is on the cards for ecommerce in 2016?

1. The Issue – The Stag

One reaps what one has sewn. Balance will be restored (to the force ) and we as ecommerce players must take responsibility. An adjustment has occurred, for instance the Black Friday sales moving mostly online and controlling the flow of business over the peak period. A realignment of our perceptions is due. Face the coming season with honesty and integrity.

2. Action to Avoid – Ten of Vessels * Happiness

Don’t get comfortable, things are changing and in order for you to be effective and productive you need to take action on lessons from 2015. Patience and wisdom will be key to success and emotional ecommerce happiness in 2016.

3. Action to Take – Eight of Bows * Hearthfire

Success will be defined by gathering tested and loyal companions (employees and business partners) towards a common goal. Safety is found within a place of common business significance. Forge those relationships and be thankful of the help they bring.

The cards in general suggest a changing 2016 based on the patterns we have witnessed in 2015. (“witness me” – you can tell what films I have watched over Christmas) The more successful businesses will use partners to drive their success or invest in their current employees.

I have seen a shift towards user testing and user research as a basis for apps and new eCommerce development. Build for the users and never assume.

ecommer5ce tarot

*Please remember this is just for fun, insight and a way to get myself blogging. Tweet your questions to @Kidsontalks – It’s free!

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