ChannelAdvisor Supports Paypal Express in the UK – But it keeps conking out?

Paypal express is getting great conversions for sellers, with a speedy checkout and better rate. ChannelAdvisor, my favourite (and also probably the best) bulk eBay selling tool available in the UK  have announced support for paypal express but I have had numerous tales and personal experiences that this is not quite working yet. Their integration for Google checkout was seamless, no problems, but the UK version of paypal payments pro seems to be a bit of a problem. Paypal themselves admitted to one of my clients that it was best not to use it for 6 months as they were still ironing out the creases in the UK version. So did Paypal rush to stave off Google checkout resulting in a shoddy job, with a temperamental API? Hoping that all major sellers and carts would be busy integrating with express over Google checkout?

My sources tell me that Paypal Pro UK has a problem with UK addresses, with respect to integration.

Get your finger out Paypal!

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