Mindset of Link Building

Just reading an article about the link building mindset.
It lists 13 valuable points about the mindset to start a link building campaign:
1. Know your marketplace
2. Obsess about your customers
3. Understand the language that your customers use – this was a big one for when i decided to use cybergoth as a keyword for Hairfreax, and also added my site to any sites that came up with that keyword!
4. Be wary of automation – on a small scale these are ok, but go for a personal letter/email/phone call to key websites.
5. Be generous with your outbound links – link back you meanies!
6. Watch out for great content, no matter where it comes from – its all about the content baby
7. Get your message out
8. Incorporate writing into your daily routine
9. Obsess about quality – massive quantity might suggest to search engines you are a spam site.
11. Monitor your results – you can do this quiet easily with Google analytics
12. Anticipate – be prepared for the unexpected
13. Be relentless and determined

The most important point for me is point three:

3. Understand the language that your customers use

Keywords are just ‘the words people use when they search’. It goes without saying that using keywords is fundamental to successful link building: there is nothing better than getting keyword rich links coming back to your site.

Keyword rich links are easy when you’re buying directory listings or text link ads, or indeed when you have relationships with other sites and can ask them to link to you using your chosen keyword phrases.

But there are other ways to get keyword rich backlinks. When people link, they often use the name of a product, a publication or the title of an article or blog post, as the linking text. So use keywords wherever you can in names and titles – it’s a great way to influence the words people use when they link.

Most customers are not pioneers within your industry so they might not really know the service or product they want and what to search for. I find this a lot when searching for code snippets, half the time I know the effect I need but not what to call it!
I knew that as the cybergoth sub genre was synonymous with fantastical hair extensions, this keyword was appropriate to build links with for my Hairfreax Hair Extensions site. I sometimes wonder if the keyword ebay design which so many companies bid for has a high search volume.

Lets let SEO Book tell us by using The SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool!

-203 searches on average per month for ebay design!

According to my Adwords account, low search engine volume and high advertiser competition! I wonder how many companies are hitting the wrong keywords because they do not know their customer? Have they ever bothered to find out? Can they find out? A lot of research needs to be done on this one I think! So what are customers looking for ebay design really searching for?

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SEO Keyword Ranking Experiment Results

– 7th June 2007 Experiment Started 10th May


cybergoth: 10th

cyber goth: 38th


Cybergoth: 2nd

Cyber Goth: 5th


Cybergoth: 6th – Up 30 places to the front page!

Cyber Goth 100th – First time site is actually included


Cybergoth: 6th

Cyber Goth 34th up 11 places

As you can see the results are proving positive. Most section of the Hairfreax site being brought up in these listings have the keyword in the HTML title of the page and mentioned at least once in the text on the page. So within a month I have achieved suitable ranking for the keyword cybergoth, and my ranking for the more difficult keyword ‘cyber goth’ is improving as now the inclusions are not references to the site they are actual listings. Google as always is the beast to tame, but I think now I can leave it to time and a schedule of regular updates to the blog and gallery which have been the highest performers in the keyword ranking.

You should always have a gallery or blog on the main domain  as it will optimise your website that sells your product. Movers and shakers in the world of SEO keep reminding us that google is going to put less emphasis on blog links, but its not about the page rank, its about your customers finding you in this mess we all love and hate at the same time.

Long live the hyper web! Updates to this experiment will be less frequent now on the cybergoth keyword, but I will keep track if time is more of a factor in the more popular keyword ‘cyber goth’

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Keyword Experiement Results 21/5/07


Google UK – Cyber goth – Listing 45

Cybergoth – Listing 6

Google (US) – Cyber Goth – Listing 88 (eBay Blog)

Cybergoth Listing 36

Now I introduced a Gallery about 2 weeks ago and this has cybergoth in the HTML title. The HTML titles seem to be winning the race. Are HTML titles more effective that keywords or tags? Currently it seems so.

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Optimising a Channeladvisor Store

Channeladvisor is a great listing tool for larger companies who need an automated solution for eBay and Amazon (and Overstock in the US). To add value it also has a store/website attachment with cname capabilities so you can run a website and ebay all together. Channeladvisor also provides feeds to shopping comparison sites such as Google Base, Shopzilla and Kelkoo but to name a few.

The channeladvisor store is by far the weakest point in channeladvisor as a ‘one solution e-commerce’ system and you have limited obvious SEO control.

(For all of this I am going to assume you are already logged into channel management)

Header Information:

HTML Titles: These are important and within channeladvisor you can specify the main page title in stores>store name and logo.

Meta Keywords: Pick 10 keywords to focus on that cover you main products. For example Rubbergirls-Blue-Boutique sells lingerie and shoes so the main keywords focused on are:
Leg Avenue, Dreamgirl, Vollers, Axfords, Sensual Mystique, Pleaser, Demonia, Hustler, Vacari, Bridal Lingerie, Wedding Lingerie, Nuptial Lingerie, Sexy Costumes, Fetish Lingerie, Corset

Place these keywords in your categories also as you have the opportunity to add in keywords for each category ( store>manage categories – click on the category name)

Meta Description: Its not just HTML titles and keywords a search engine picks up on it is also the meta description. Make sure you add a main page description in store name and logo AND a description for you categories.

This is the main listing in Google for the above website:

RubberGirls Blue Boutique | Bridal Corsetry | Hen Night Fancy

Rubbergirls Blue Boutique Provides excellent pricing for gothic, alternative and exotic clothing and footwear. Our brands include Leg Avenue,
www.rubbergirlsblueboutique.co.uk/ – 61k

Header Image: Make sure you use the alt functionality for your header image too

Item Details :

Rockabilly Demonia EMO Shoes Polkadot Goth: DAI20/BW RubberGirls

Black With white polka dot flat shoe!- Available in Sizes UK 4-10 Shipping for these shoes is £3.50/£6.00 as they are a light item!
www.rubbergirlsblueboutique.co.uk/Items/Item.aspx?sck=23968174&SKU=DAI20/BW –

Within channeladvisor you store title precedes the HTML title and becomes searchable on google. You can make sure you repeat a main keyword in your item titles, in fact you could possible squeeze more keywords in there! this title formation look familiar? Its the same title format as you would use in ebay. Tanked full of keyword goodness.

Keyword Links:

Google along with many other search engines like keyword links like Cybergoth Hair Extensions. Make sure you name your categories and sub categories appropriately with a good keyword and go to store>manage store layouts>home page layout and make sure you choose the option to display all your sub categories on the main page. Instant keyword links. ( P.S Make sure you have added an image to each or your categories or it could look a little dull)

Shopping Comparison:

To get ahead with google use google services! Google base is a free classifieds and syndicated everyday from automatically from channeladvisor (Console> Shopping comparison)

Other shopping comparison feeds can be used but they are pay per click

Track your results:

See what is going on with google analytics, sign up for an account and make sure you enter the information in store>store tracking. If you know what’s going on you can improve your SEO campaign

Every piece of software is what you make it and channeladvisor is no different.

P.S Rubbergirls Blue Boutique is MY store and also designed by me, if you want to know how I changed the layout then email me at liz@kidsontalks.com and if I have the time I will tell you.

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Lil bit on web usability….

Design a clear and simple navigation system.

According to Web usability expert, Jakob Nielsen, a good navigation system should answer three questions:

  1. Where am I?
  2. Where have I been?
  3. Where can I go?


Keep it constant: Navigation system should be in the same place on every page

Make the content easy to scan – most users only scan read websites

Put the most important content at the top of the page

Avoid text inside images – search engines can no read it and if you have McAfee or Norton Anti Virus, a lot of images can be blocked.

Use the alt and title functionality for images that are links to other pages

Be careful with font colour and background contrast. If your user can not read the text it won’t be effective.

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